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It gives me great pleasure to share with you all that my first📖 poetry book has been published.

Both the paperback and Kindle versions are available.

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Words are an aphrodisiac

Darkening desire strikes me out of the blues

At the click of a finger

A magic wand appears

A hand strokes my leg,

Grazes inside of my thigh

Slips and slides under the scarlet red lace




Arched backs and closed eyelids

Strong grips and straddling hands

Thumps and bumps

Nibbling fingers and biting lips

Deep inhales and soft exhales

Oohs and aahs

Sighs and screams

Thrills and chills

A woman and her machine

A party for one

Table for two

Three’s company

Entry by invitation only

P. S.

I am not alone

Distance doesn’t matter

You’re in my mind

I can’t stop thinking of you

Breathing you in

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Image by Enchanted_Soluna from Pixabay 

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Love and Lust

Love and Lust

I wonder what the difference is between love and lust.

Which comes first? Where does one begin? Where does the other end? Which is a drug? Which is a disease?

Well, they say

One gives, the other takes

One judges the book by its cover; loves only what it can see

The other lusts for what’s inside, and reads the book

One falls for beauty and wealth, chases and delights in pleasures and desires of the flesh, the other reaches for the soul that you may never be able to see, taste or hold

One rushes, and the other patiently waits

One shouts and screams, the other hardly whispers

One can be a pastime, the other can last a lifetime and more

One is 10 pm booty calls and quickies; the other is 4 am deep conversations and epiphanies

One’s a long-term investment, the other a short-term windfall

One liberates and bonds, the other blinds and binds

One’s hard work, the other’s leisure

Love’s settling, lust’s frenzying

Lust wants to sleep with someone

Love wants to wake up next to them in the morning

One’s the soul’s angel, the other the devil’s consort, they say

After dark mint chocolates and morning breathe

Kissing foreheads and biting lips

Naked bodies and naked souls

Senses and sensibility

Idealism and pessimism

Ascension and descension

Spiritual and physical

‘Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid blind.’

But then whoever loved that loved not at first sight?

 When you fall in love with what your eyes see

And in love with what your heart sees

So are they really poles apart?

Both are giving my head a spin,

Feeling giddy,

The lines are a little blurry now.

“All worries are for the wise man.”

The bartender mixing the cocktail mocks.

“Fools know the secret is to commingle so well that none can separate the two.”

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Image by Felipe Ponce from Pixabay

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Letter Published!

✍️Dear Stranger, How are you? How are you, really?




😊Happy to share that a letter💌 of mine has been published in the Ebook, Letters From Strangers. 📖

Humbled and honored that it was selected to be a part of this amazing collaboration. 🙏Thank you Verse of Silence , Kavya Sharma and Letters to Strangers for the opportunity. The book will be live on Amazon soon. Till then it has been released as a pay-as-you-like price via Google Form. Place your order and receive the book within 48 hours. Get your copy now!🛒⬇️




As the name suggests, the book is a collection of letters and poetry(written in English). The letters may be from strangers but they reach out to everybody wherever they are in the universal human experience as they have been written with a lot of soul. Much of the writing feels confessional, honest and raw.

📝 Sharing just some of the words that resonated and stayed with me :

💌 So just choose to stay “one more day” and live it to the fullest

– Palak Gujarathi

💌 We write and read to hear ourselves in the great void of being. And someday, we will find a voice that answers back.

– Ruchira Mandal

💌 Hold on, for there’s always hope. Hold on, for you are here for a reason.

– Anonymous

💌 I am searching for people who will stay till the end. Who will not leave what’s broken, but try to mend.

– Anonymous

💌 How are you? How are you, really?

– Raaina Jain

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Poem Published!


😊Happy to share that my poem “An Ode to the Saree” has been published in the book📙 “Aesthetics: An Artistic Take On Beauty”.🌻

My gratitude to Maria K Jimmy, Split Poetry India and SPI Publications for the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful project.

Aesthetics is an anthology of 100 creative pieces(poems,open letters,short stories and micro-tales) written in English to explore the theme of beauty.




🌻What is beauty?

Is it limited to or beyond the five senses? Is there a greater artist than nature? Isn’t nature beauty personified?
The writers in this book write of the beauty in not only nature but in simplicity, in the mundane, in love, in the fleeting moments of life, in the little things, in flaws and scars, and of the beauty deep within.Their creative explorations and expressions will leave you with much to ponder upon.
I am humbled and honoured that my piece is sharing a spot with all the wonderful contributions by all the amazing writers. 

Go grab your copy now.🛒
The book is live now at Amazon.🎉
Will be available soon at Flipkart, Google Play Books, PayTM Mall and Amazon Prime too. 

🌻My Take on Beauty:
Beauty can be anything that brings us closer to the Creator. You, me, everyone is a reflection of Him. So that makes everyone beautiful!

 Satyam Shivam Sundaram.
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Tiny Tale Published!

“I will be brief.”

😊Happy to share that a tiny tale of mine has been published in ‘The Great Indian Anthology-Express Edition’ by Half Baked Beans.📘

The book is a collection of anecdotes, musings and tiny tales that draw inspiration from various facets of life written by 200 plus contributors.


“Were nothing but to waste night, day, and time; Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit, And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief.”

– William Shakespeare, Hamlet




The writers in this eBook waste no time in coming to the point.
On display is their amazing word craft, using just a few words to say a whole lot.💯

The eBook is available on the Kindle store and if you have Kindle Unlimited it’s free.

Get your copy now! 🛒

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Letter Published!

✍️When did you last write a letter to someone?💌

😊Happy to share that my letter got published in an eBook, ‘A Jar of Letters’.

📘 Thank you to Half Baked Beans for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing collection of open letters.

“The more personal you make something, the more universal it becomes, because essentially we’re all made up of the same emotional stuff.”❤️

– Brian Molko

A Jar of Letters is an anthology of 50 open letters written in English to a loved one, addressed to younger or older self or fictional characters.The letters range from the serious and insightful to the more lighthearted and humorous.🤔😀

Kudos to all the writers for being brave and courageous in pouring out their deepest thoughts, innermost feelings and personal experiences into the letters, thereby giving the reader a passage into their heart and soul.

This book makes for a heartwarming, touching, cathartic and inspirational read.

I am humbled and honoured that my letter is sharing a space with all the wonderful contributions by all the amazing writers.💯

A warm hug to all the co- contributors.🤗

Go get your copy now!🛒 Available on Amazon Kindle Store and if you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free.

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What is Kinsutkuroi? Curious? ▶️Play video. Sound on.

Hope you like my first poem selected and published in a book.📙
Would love to have your honest feedback and comments.
For reading more such beautiful poems by other great writers, get your copy of the poetry anthology now!🛒

The book is available in Ebook and paperbook print edition at:

It will make a great read for you or as a gift to any poetry lover.🎁
💐Guldastaa is an amazing collection of 155 poems in English and Hindi, selected from over 700+ entries, so you know you’re reading the best of the best.💯
The poems inside are as beautiful as the cover, the paper, typesetting and printing.📖

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Patch by Patch

No time to feel our feelings

No time to feel small

To feel weak

To feel fear

To feel sad

To feel hurt

To feel guilt

To feel lonely

To feel angry

No time to acknowledge, listen, accept or express

So in haste

We bottle them all up

We never air them out

We hide ‘em

From others

From ourselves

We toughen up

Patching it up nicely


One day

We can conceal no more

We have no room left at all

To feel happy

To feel love

To feel warm

To feel strong

To feel proud

To feel good

All the botched up repairs

Come undone

It’s time to unravel the facade

Piece by piece

Patch by patch

It’s time to wear all your feelings on your sleeve

It’s time to heal

And find your inner peace




“True healing occurs when I give myself permission to feel whatever feelings live below the triggers.”

Get Well Soon!
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