Just for Fun

Back to the beginnings

This is a poem I wrote when I was ten years old and studying in Grade 5 at Alexandra Park School, Harare, Zimbabwe. I was one of the 10 pupils in Grade 5-7 from our school who were awarded honours for our submissions to the Annual Allied Arts awards for which every year school children in Zimbabwe would put forward their best prose and poetry. My poem was subsequently published in the school magazine Alexicon, Onward to Renown 1990.

As I look back, I realise that this is perhaps where ‘My Journey as a Creative Writer’ really began. I am reproducing it below:


Flowers are beautiful too,

Daisies and

snapdragons yellow and


Roses in dresses of

pink, red and white.

Wild flowers growing

just out of sight.


Delicate snowdrops,

bluebells so neat,

sunflowers and lilies

growing in the heat.

The iris and lotus

down by the stream.

The crocus and tulip

in fields of green.


Sweetpeas that climb

up on the wall,

marigolds growing

bright, strong and


Of all the flowers

that grow in the world

I love the rose with

its petals curled.


8 thoughts on “Just for Fun

  1. Thank you.i remember our teachers used to emphasise description.i feel proud of my little self now.then i knew little of pride and probably gave it no more importance than ‘ok, the task is done and the teacher is satisfied finally.’now i can play!


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