Another one from the archives

How time changes!

Poetry a decade later…

This is a poem I wrote in second year of college. It was published in our college magazine Apoorva, 2000.

Woman-The tree of life


A tree, bare, standing with her arms outstretched to the sky,

Begging for the mercy of the Lord of the skies.

Falling snowflakes turn her into a white ghost,

Life sealed from the outside world.

Temperatures fall, ten, zero, minus, snowstorms rule;

Prolonged misery has killed all sensation, all rebellion.

Just as life ebbed away, the sun brings hope;

The snow melts, she sheds her fears and inhibitions.

A new leaf finds home on the tree;

She proudly displays her hospitality.

Come spring, the tree is one big green cloud;

Good times have attracted many a creature.

The tree is young and gives birth to many a fruits;

But Greed snatches away love’s labour.

Now only rotten, eaten, half skeletons remain;

The tree is surrounded by her dead children.

A rage emerges against the ‘Laws of Nature’;

But resolutely she decides not to quit.

She renews her faith in the vision of the future;

She will brave the times ahead and will emerge ‘A WINNER’


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