Leave the door open

You looked into my eyes

You saw my soul

Now don’t look away

After opening the gift

Don’t wrap yourself again

You laughed at my every joke

Now don’t hide that grin away

After quieting all my doubts

Don’t fill the silence again

You raced into my heart

Now don’t walk away

You put the good in my morning

Now don’t call it a night

After getting close dear pal

Don’t get all formal stranger again

You opened all the windows

Now don’t close the door

You found me

Now don’t let me get lost again

Don’t go

Forever stay.

open the door

7 thoughts on “Leave the door open

    1. thank you so much …glad you enjoyed it…thank you for reading…it gave me the chance to revisit my earlier writing…your kind words are very encouraging to a fledgling…


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