Final Salute

A breeze blowing strong

Alerting our nerves to collect forth

Grassy knolls standing witness

To the circle of life and death


It is a sunny day

Today nothing about yellow is cheerful

It is a black day

Today nothing about black is elegant


Secrets whisper in the cave

Cry our private silent tears


Hearts thumping to the beat of drums

Feet marching to their onward journey

Courage rising and falling


Struggling to stand

But together keeping time

Secrets are a heavy burden

Only our collective conscience can shoulder


Receive our final salute


We are going down the hill

Fading out of sight, out of mind


Look away before it is too late

Grieving, helpless, unsuspecting humanity


Words travelling like bullets

Pandemonium of shock and fear

Topple feet barely standing


Am I in a trance?

I hear but sounds are arrested

I move but moves are suspended



Listen to my plea

Oh God! May this be not ending

And if it is to be

Listen before your hearing fades

And may love be your release


My eyes finally see what has forever being staring

I can finally leave

Knowing there is no escape to love within or without



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