My Trip to Victoria falls


  • Water, water everywhere.
  • Milky waterfalls.
  • Falls panoramic, to the left, to the right, and wide as one can see.
  • Knowing  not where to focus.
  • Feeling walled in like visitors to another world.
  •  The deafening roar of the crashing waters. Being not able to hear anything else.
  • Water muddy and brown transformed into pure white when it crashed.
  • Rivers of water cascading and taking every branch, leaf and twig in its wake.
  • Wondering how the  same friendly peaceful waters of the pools I loved swimming in at home and school could suddenly turn so powerful , violent and furious.
  • Mist, water and clouds and after a while not being able to tell the difference.
  • Being told to hold tightly to Papa’s hand and watching my excited sister with  Mamma ,hoping she would not try anything naughty.
  • Being afraid as we posed for pictures near the banks. The  African guide telling us one missed step and we would vanish into thin air.
  • Thinking Papa takes far too long to take a photograph from his big clumsy camera!
  •  Mamma’s umbrella being unable to shelter us from the oceanic back lash.
  • Being drenched through and through  from the spray of the falls when we came out.
  • Standing beneath the tall statue of Livingstone as we posed.Wondering how he must have felt discovering this place.
  • Being amazed that the gushing white waters of the waterfall later became blue and tranquil when we took a boat ride on the Zambezi River amidst the cool breeze and then black and choppy as sunset fell and night approached.
  • Feeling awed for the first time in my life.


victoria falls


My  Family, 1990.

Photo credits :My dear  Papa

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