A wake up call

Recap, rewind revise

A swirling roller coaster of images

And suddenly

Off axis, off focus and awake

Upright and uptight

The fall softened

By the mellow yellow of daylight


Question to self

Is this a dream?


Behold the feathery footsteps

Enter the angel of deliverance

Cloaked in white

Magical, surreal ethereal

Reality I can hear, see, smell and touch

Ruffling the bed of my consciousness


The relief of stating the obvious

Mutual recollections

Of the journey beyond

Heartily approved and endorsed

Timid questions and definite answers

Truth shy behind the curtains

Shamelessly naked in the spotlight


Love’s lottery sent back

Hidden closeted

Unheard unseen undetected?



Ah what could have been

Do you not see?

Even the shadows escape

The future closes the door on the present

A coward, unready to face and embrace.


7 thoughts on “A wake up call

  1. ‘Ruffling the bed of my consciousness’ What is the truth, what are the realities, what are the opportunities lost? All of us are cowards at some point in our lives when we know the opportunity is for our taking and yet find it too cumbersome to embrace it. Good work Geetika!

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