At the crossroads:


I hear white noise

Or is it the lull before the storm?


On our favourite common ground

Will it be a level playing field?


Baited breath and fidgety fingered

Serious as hell!

Side by side

But not eye to eye


Furtive glances



Stand tall, walk tall

But stoop to conquer

A relationship is in the balance

The normal rules of weight dis apply


Facing the truth

Sorry-One needs to say it

The other knows and doesn’t need to hear it

Weaknesses- we all have them

One is willing to admit

The other to accept


The point has come

One wants more

The other deserves more

Both wish the best for one another

And so it is time

When the two need to become one

The whole’s more than the sum of its parts


In the free rein of uncertain times

Let our love be status quo


Love is crystal clear

Yet found when you least expect


I was bracing for the worst!

But my dear

The best is yet to come!





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