An Open Road

An Open Road


Life’s a story without an ending,

Good to have an idea where you’re going,

Better to be open to suggestions.

Good to be your leader,

Better to be open to where the road can lead too.


‘Coz the seasoned traveller knows,

Things seldom go exactly as planned,

They’re often better than expected.

It’s good to reach where you want to be,

Better still where you really need to be.


Figure out as you go along,

And life will sneak upon and surprise you,

With magical celestial moments,

When fact becomes better than fiction.




Just for Laughs!

Just for Laughs!

Why writers really write about themselves but seldom admit it.

-It beats the tedium of research. No need to figure it out.

-You don’t need to use your imagination to get into the mind of the character. You already have an all access pass! Nobody told you imagination is no child’s play.

-It is as authentic as it gets!



A Narrow Escape


You’ve not been  caught 

You’ve not been found out

You’ve been saved by a whisker

You’ve had a narrow escape

I chuckle to my self

Count your blessings

It’s your lucky-lucky day

You’re in the clear now

But my conscience -guilty

Begs to differ

You need to unburden anyway

You need forgiveness

You need to say sorry

And for all the right reasons

So go ahead

Take the first step

Admit ALL the wrongs

And then

Say sorry

It won’t happen again



For Fun


Writers and Readers


Reader: “I feel like I know you a bit.”

Writer: “How?”

Reader: “I read your book.”

Writer: “Well, it’s mostly my imagination.”

Reader: “For me too.”



Flights of Fantasy

Face To Face


Baby, how do you feel?

I am listening

But not to your words

I ask only for courtesy sake

‘Coz no matter what you say

I feel what you feel

‘N’ know what you won’t admit knowing

I hear what you’re not saying.


So go ahead darling

Look me in the eye with a lie

Or look away with the truth

I can see through your every poker face

Your lips may say one thing

But your eyes tell another.





A Frozen Moment


No one can touch us

No one can reach us

Nothing can penetrate.


In a bubble of our own

Eyes ‘n ears only for each other

Locked in a surreal moment

The world has simply ceased to exist.


Smiling, laughing, giggling,

All at once!

Stuttering and stammering

Out of breath

Out of words.

(-Two childhood sweethearts unexpectedly meet… )




The Past and the Present meet.


Present: “Do you remember?”

Past: “You forget, I remember everything.”

Past: “You were supposed to follow me.”

Present: “You said you needed space.”

Past: “I didn’t mean forever.”


The Future walks in boldly.

The Present caught unawares ‘n clueless.

The Past sneaks behind.

‘In the glare of the sun,

The shadows must retire.’

The clock can’t be turned back,

The Past turns her back.

The Present looks wistfully, after her, as she leaves.

The Future waits patiently; expectantly.


A pregnant pause;


Which way will you go?

You can’t break bread with the Future,

Till you lust for the Past.

You can’t tango with both,

You can’t have a finger in both pies,

You can’t sail with a foot in two boats,

This is not a game for two,

You can’t have the cake and eat it too!


But, how do I decide?

Do I live moment to moment?

‘Coz, what feels oh! So right in the moment,

Feels so wrong in the next.


History awaits…