The Past and the Present meet.


Present: “Do you remember?”

Past: “You forget, I remember everything.”

Past: “You were supposed to follow me.”

Present: “You said you needed space.”

Past: “I didn’t mean forever.”


The Future walks in boldly.

The Present caught unawares ‘n clueless.

The Past sneaks behind.

‘In the glare of the sun,

The shadows must retire.’

The clock can’t be turned back,

The Past turns her back.

The Present looks wistfully, after her, as she leaves.

The Future waits patiently; expectantly.


A pregnant pause;


Which way will you go?

You can’t break bread with the Future,

Till you lust for the Past.

You can’t tango with both,

You can’t have a finger in both pies,

You can’t sail with a foot in two boats,

This is not a game for two,

You can’t have the cake and eat it too!


But, how do I decide?

Do I live moment to moment?

‘Coz, what feels oh! So right in the moment,

Feels so wrong in the next.


History awaits…



5 thoughts on “IN TIME

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation,love and encouragement Rita.It means a lot coming from such a talented writer like you :)I am glad you liked my creative efforts.


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