Let me be

Let me be


Don’t applaud,

Don’t like,

Don’t celebrate me,

Don’t give me a medal,

Don’t make me an example,

Don’t thrust greatness upon me,

Many a mighty shoulder have buckled under.


-It changes the way I see myself

– I begin to see myself though your eyes

– I feel I need to earn your appreciation

; Deserve your adoration

– I earn and earn and yet find myself unable to pay the debt

-I spend a lifetime trying to prove myself worthy of your labels

-I try to ‘become’ rather than ‘be’

– I finally convict myself of fraud I did not commit.


You say this way you could reach greater heights,

Otherwise you may just plateau,

I say one can reach dizzying depths too,

A futile chase after an apparition,

An image not of my choosing,

Not mine to begin with,

Hallucinating into a human aberration.

Which is more dangerous?


Let me embark free of expectations,

‘Coz this is a voyage of self –discovery.



Morning Wish

Morning Wish


May you wake up to :

-The smell of fresh coffee brewing; Smell a little deeper

-The first rays of the sun kissing your face; Bask a little longer

-A rose by your bedside; Breathe in the beauty a little longer

-Your loved ones sleeping peacefully; Watch a little longer

-A sleepy adorable voice; Listen a little longer

-Eyes smiling glad to see you; Smile back a little wider

-A hug before you leave; Hug a little tighter

May you take a little longer to see the things you see every day,

Take a moment; It may be the best in your day,

My wish for you is that you be a second late.





The best gift- my love,

Isn’t found in any shop.

It can’t be seen,

It can’t be heard,

It can’t be felt,

It can’t be touched,

It has no length, no breadth, no depth,

It has no past baggage,

No future expectations,

It has no name,

And no identity.


All I can tell you is:

It’s free and freeing,

It’s simple yet striking.


Just make some room,

And some allowances too.


Don’t crowd me out,

‘Coz all I want is,

A piece of you,

That I can make my own,

A place for new memories,

A store for our stories.


Emptying is freeing,

Freeing is fulfilling.


And it all starts with:

[————— – ]

Empty space:

Only you can ]open[ it,

Only you can [close] it.






Growing up, moving on, letting go.

Accepting things for what they are,

It needn’t be all or nothing.


Matters of the human heart:

It’s a puzzle alright,

Every piece will not fit pretty.

Growing up, moving on, letting go.


Sometimes a visit from the past,

Puts the present in perspective,

Feeling glad ‘n’ grateful that fate intervenes.

Growing up, moving on, letting go.


Dreaming open eyed:

Unrealized dreams,

Realizing we no longer want to realize them.

Growing up, moving on, letting go.



Bitter sweet memories,

Letting them be status quo.

Growing up, moving on, letting go.