The best gift- my love,

Isn’t found in any shop.

It can’t be seen,

It can’t be heard,

It can’t be felt,

It can’t be touched,

It has no length, no breadth, no depth,

It has no past baggage,

No future expectations,

It has no name,

And no identity.


All I can tell you is:

It’s free and freeing,

It’s simple yet striking.


Just make some room,

And some allowances too.


Don’t crowd me out,

‘Coz all I want is,

A piece of you,

That I can make my own,

A place for new memories,

A store for our stories.


Emptying is freeing,

Freeing is fulfilling.


And it all starts with:

[————— – ]

Empty space:

Only you can ]open[ it,

Only you can [close] it.


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