Let me be

Let me be


Don’t applaud,

Don’t like,

Don’t celebrate me,

Don’t give me a medal,

Don’t make me an example,

Don’t thrust greatness upon me,

Many a mighty shoulder have buckled under.


-It changes the way I see myself

– I begin to see myself though your eyes

– I feel I need to earn your appreciation

; Deserve your adoration

– I earn and earn and yet find myself unable to pay the debt

-I spend a lifetime trying to prove myself worthy of your labels

-I try to ‘become’ rather than ‘be’

– I finally convict myself of fraud I did not commit.


You say this way you could reach greater heights,

Otherwise you may just plateau,

I say one can reach dizzying depths too,

A futile chase after an apparition,

An image not of my choosing,

Not mine to begin with,

Hallucinating into a human aberration.

Which is more dangerous?


Let me embark free of expectations,

‘Coz this is a voyage of self –discovery.



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