Flying high ‘n’ slipping under the radar-adapt at both

Hot iron racing the streets

Under cover ‘n’ under wraps

Magnifying ‘n’ larger than life


Tomato red shirts ‘n’ little black dresses

Showered fresh ‘n’ bronzed beauty

Velvety black robes ‘n’ faux fur

Sparkles in eyes ‘n’ glittery moon dust

Over coats ‘n’ under arm tactics

Buckled up ‘n’ buckled down

Eavesdropping on truth ‘n’ anonymously quoting behind back

Brimming adoration ‘n’ a hidden smile

Gorgeous drivers ‘n’ dashing passengers

High performance ‘n’ instantaneous response

Whimsical desire ‘n’ fanciful movement

Control in hands ‘n’ whisked away

Sleeping rabbits ‘n’ running tortoises

Instructing teachers ‘n’ instinctive students


Towering skyscrapers ‘n’ skyrocketing speed

0 to 100 in 3 seconds or less

Sky above, earth below, fire within

Dark knights ‘n’ seeing stars

Kick ass launching ‘n’ zigzag overtaking

Hot wheels emblazoning avenues

Glowing streetlights ‘n’ flashing headlights

Wow ‘n’ whoa out for a night on the town

Breathe taking ‘n’ heart arresting

Ear buzzing ‘n’ spine tingling

Fueling imaginations ‘n’ exhilarating thrills

Frozen carriages ‘n’ melting emotions

Moon roofs ‘n’ fresh air

Screeching ‘n’ squealing

Zipping in zipping out



“Anything that gets your blood racing is …worth doing”- Hunter S. Thompson

Music ‘n’ Lyrics

Music ‘n’ Lyrics


Lights, Camera ‘n’ action

Red carpets ‘n’ crystal chandeliers

Shimmering curtains ‘n’ center stages

Last minute gigs ‘n’ glitzy shindigs

Duty calls ‘n’ gay abandon

Jazz ‘n’ pizzaz

Writers ‘n’ muses

White whales ‘n’ fish in a barrel

Honored dignitaries ‘n’ first names

Masterminds ‘n’ thieves

Donors ‘n’ blessings

Wining ‘n’ dining

Long stemmed roses ‘n’ champagne flutes

Buffets ‘n’ passed hors d’oeuvres

Plain black tuxedos ‘n’ embroidered red gowns

Bow ties ‘n’ pearl necklaces

Suited blazers ‘n’ off shoulders

Jelled hair ‘n’ kohled eyes

Starched white shirts ‘n’ iridescent skin

Silver cuff links ‘n’ ruby red lips

Handsomer than dreams ‘n’ prettier than words

Smitten ‘n’ kittens

Truer than true ‘n’ Youer than you

Vodka martini ‘n’ plain water

Cocktail glasses ‘n’ hourglass figures

Shaking ‘n’ stirring

Formal events ‘n’ impromptu dances

Entitled grasping ‘n’ bowled over maidens

Linked hands ‘n’ synchronized steps

Firm shoulders ‘n’ straight spines

Eyes transfixed north ‘n’ hands slipping south

Up close ‘n’ personal

Swaying side to side ‘n’ moving in circles

Swirls ‘n’ twirls

Dips ‘n’ flips

Drops ‘n’ lifts

Naughty suggestions ‘n’ biting lips

Mmm ‘n’ mmmmmm….

Elastic tension ‘n’ released relaxation

First impressions ‘n’ second looks

Quiet conversations ‘n’ overheard thoughts


‘Ah! It’s a wonderful night…’

“Yes, everybody can see.”


‘My lady, May I have this dance..?’


“Yes, of course, I thought you’d never ask..”

“What took you so long?”

“Come on and break it on down..!”



Game, set, match

Truth ‘n’ bluff

A king of hearts ‘n’ a queen of diamonds

Ruggedly handsome ‘n’ bewitching beauty

Cocky confidence ‘n’ calm composure

Who’ll ace it?


Stark striped lines ‘n’ blank unwritten space

Smirks ‘n’ winks

Tickles ‘n’ grins

Dilated pupils ‘n’ closing eyelids

Shameless staring right ‘n’ shyly looking left

Flicking risks ‘n’ teasing flourishes

Frowning foreheads ‘n’ knitting brows

Blinking momentarily ‘n’ meditating eternally

Tapping fingers ‘n’ contemplating options

Full hands ‘n’ pushing boundaries

She increases the stakes

Time to crank it up

Time to man up

It’s the final hand

‘Dare me not girl

I’m not scared of action

I was born to do!’


“No fear of loosing huh?

Neither  me,pal

I’m all in

All or nothing it is

I’m all relaxed

You’re tense ‘n’ shifty

So what will it be?

Do you have the nuts?

Time to pay up”

‘Well …

I fold in

You win

Take me down!

Reckon it wasn’t my night

Fate dealt  me a lousy hand

No worries

…’Coz sometimes even when you lose you win…’



“How quick come the reasons for approving what we like !”

-Jane Austen, ‘Persuasion’

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Who Am I?


I soar in the wide blue yonder

Playing with the breeze

Frolicking with joy


Dressed in kaleidoscopic colors

Sometimes in fanciful costumes –a butterfly, a bird or a star


My heart’s as precious as a diamond

But I’m a twinkling lil star in the firmament of His eye

Now that’s my gold medal!

All directions are open-east ‘n’ west, north ‘n’ south,

But I exercise freedom of choice

Eyes ever transfixed on the Polestar of my life

Keeping my north always aligned with His south

My mortal frame’s light

My skin’s transparent-can see right through

My spirit’s weightless as paper

My ego’s wafer-thin

I would but ascend to the heavens

But my Beloved holds the string

I climb higher ‘n’ higher

With His every steady pull

He pulls ‘n’ tugs at my heart’s strings

‘N’ I follow wherever He wishes

Yet ever safely anchored in His hands-capable ‘n’ skilled

Holding on ‘n’ never letting go

Tightly winds me when He wants me near

‘N’ lets me loose, enjoying my dreamy flight

Plays naughty numbers on me

From time to time

Pulling my pigtails

Sayin’ that my trails are a teasing

(C’est un secret –I enjoy more!)

A sudden blast of breeze

Blows up my skirt

Leaving me a shamefaced, scurrying away

‘N’ Him in adolescent chuckles

Sending my heart’s a flutter with laughter

With His every gay antic


Thoughts run ahead of me

I can fly to any celestial realm

As high as my imagination

‘coz He’s the wind beneath my wings

Come, play

Join me in a dance across the sky

‘N’ Fly away with me

See you in the sky!


“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.”- Lauren Bacall

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An Ode to the Sari

An Ode to the Sari


-to six yards of grace n elegance

-to accommodating every size ‘n’ shape

-to the versatility of the unstitched wonder

-to its cinching all women into hour glass figures

-to sculpturing sexy silhouettes

-‘n’ to preserving modesty ‘n’ decorum with safety pins

-to showing little ‘n’ leaving more to the imagination

-to the concealing mystique in layering

-to the thrill of solving mystery

-to the childish delight in unwrapping presents

-‘n’ to peeling layer by layer, the human psyche, to its bare core

– also to taking its own sweet time in tying  ‘n’  yet easily being flung apart in a second’s notice if need be

-to free fabric meandering over every curve ‘n’ undulation of the Wonderland

-to its scintillating single sheath on the upper torso

-to the fluttering pallu flirting with the wind

-to the teasing navel ‘n’ midriff

-to the airy breeze inside the tent

-to the ruffling murmurs of its pleats kicking

-to the peek a boo of the ankles

-to its quiet fall on Mother Earth

-to the glistening beads of passion on the neck line collecting in the twin valley

-to freely wafting aromas of sweat from the armpits

-to perspiration trickling down the legs in hot climates

-to a heaving outlet for rhythmic emotions of the heart

-to camouflaging peaks of arousal

-to hiding swellings even when bursting at the seams


-to the masculine rectangle elongating its length to match the increasing diameter of the concentric feminine circles

-to the sharp incline of the classic pallu from right to left, the first precursor of mortal man’s imminent rise or fall

-to its pleats tucked tight at the cord whence all life originates ‘n’ radiates

-to all its intricate workings ‘n’ being held together only by a string

– ‘n’ to the knot of its petticoat completely unravelling both Adam n Eve

-and to nevertheless also allowing easy access when time is hard pressed

-to its discretely shading ‘n’ fanning the beloved’s face

-to reverently covering the Goddess in a place of worship

-to its soft cushion ‘n’ playful folds engaging a naughty child


-to the cheeky derriere giving flying kisses even when she leaves


To the sari as captivating in my mind as Giovanni Maria Benzoni’s

Veiled Rebecca


Due apologies to you, Respected sir…

Indeed, I am convulsing in rapture at thy diverse charms!

Cloud Q11_20170716_182141

I love wearing saris, but feel free to let me know if I missed anything.I hope it does some justice to the beauty of the sari.Dear readers, your honest feedback and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

A Date


A Date

At the end of a long day

Make a plan

Come home

To a date

When the city retires for the night

Light some aromatic candles

Pour yourself a drink

Run a hot bath

Disrobe your worldly roles

Slip into foamy bubbly goodness

Sink in

Settle in

Listen in to the quiet

Broken only by the sound of running water

Open the page of the book

And dream away……


“A half- read book is a half finished love affair.”-David Mitchell. Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated. Like, comment and share.

You may like to click on the link below to see and hear the digital video poetry version of this poem.