Game, set, match

Truth ‘n’ bluff

A king of hearts ‘n’ a queen of diamonds

Ruggedly handsome ‘n’ bewitching beauty

Cocky confidence ‘n’ calm composure

Who’ll ace it?


Stark striped lines ‘n’ blank unwritten space

Smirks ‘n’ winks

Tickles ‘n’ grins

Dilated pupils ‘n’ closing eyelids

Shameless staring right ‘n’ shyly looking left

Flicking risks ‘n’ teasing flourishes

Frowning foreheads ‘n’ knitting brows

Blinking momentarily ‘n’ meditating eternally

Tapping fingers ‘n’ contemplating options

Full hands ‘n’ pushing boundaries

She increases the stakes

Time to crank it up

Time to man up

It’s the final hand

‘Dare me not girl

I’m not scared of action

I was born to do!’


“No fear of loosing huh?

Neither  me,pal

I’m all in

All or nothing it is

I’m all relaxed

You’re tense ‘n’ shifty

So what will it be?

Do you have the nuts?

Time to pay up”

‘Well …

I fold in

You win

Take me down!

Reckon it wasn’t my night

Fate dealt  me a lousy hand

No worries

…’Coz sometimes even when you lose you win…’



“How quick come the reasons for approving what we like !”

-Jane Austen, ‘Persuasion’

Hope it is persuasive enough…Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated.Like, comment and share.


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