Music ‘n’ Lyrics

Music ‘n’ Lyrics


Lights, Camera ‘n’ action

Red carpets ‘n’ crystal chandeliers

Shimmering curtains ‘n’ center stages

Last minute gigs ‘n’ glitzy shindigs

Duty calls ‘n’ gay abandon

Jazz ‘n’ pizzaz

Writers ‘n’ muses

White whales ‘n’ fish in a barrel

Honored dignitaries ‘n’ first names

Masterminds ‘n’ thieves

Donors ‘n’ blessings

Wining ‘n’ dining

Long stemmed roses ‘n’ champagne flutes

Buffets ‘n’ passed hors d’oeuvres

Plain black tuxedos ‘n’ embroidered red gowns

Bow ties ‘n’ pearl necklaces

Suited blazers ‘n’ off shoulders

Jelled hair ‘n’ kohled eyes

Starched white shirts ‘n’ iridescent skin

Silver cuff links ‘n’ ruby red lips

Handsomer than dreams ‘n’ prettier than words

Smitten ‘n’ kittens

Truer than true ‘n’ Youer than you

Vodka martini ‘n’ plain water

Cocktail glasses ‘n’ hourglass figures

Shaking ‘n’ stirring

Formal events ‘n’ impromptu dances

Entitled grasping ‘n’ bowled over maidens

Linked hands ‘n’ synchronized steps

Firm shoulders ‘n’ straight spines

Eyes transfixed north ‘n’ hands slipping south

Up close ‘n’ personal

Swaying side to side ‘n’ moving in circles

Swirls ‘n’ twirls

Dips ‘n’ flips

Drops ‘n’ lifts

Naughty suggestions ‘n’ biting lips

Mmm ‘n’ mmmmmm….

Elastic tension ‘n’ released relaxation

First impressions ‘n’ second looks

Quiet conversations ‘n’ overheard thoughts


‘Ah! It’s a wonderful night…’

“Yes, everybody can see.”


‘My lady, May I have this dance..?’


“Yes, of course, I thought you’d never ask..”

“What took you so long?”

“Come on and break it on down..!”


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