Flying high ‘n’ slipping under the radar-adapt at both

Hot iron racing the streets

Under cover ‘n’ under wraps

Magnifying ‘n’ larger than life


Tomato red shirts ‘n’ little black dresses

Showered fresh ‘n’ bronzed beauty

Velvety black robes ‘n’ faux fur

Sparkles in eyes ‘n’ glittery moon dust

Over coats ‘n’ under arm tactics

Buckled up ‘n’ buckled down

Eavesdropping on truth ‘n’ anonymously quoting behind back

Brimming adoration ‘n’ a hidden smile

Gorgeous drivers ‘n’ dashing passengers

High performance ‘n’ instantaneous response

Whimsical desire ‘n’ fanciful movement

Control in hands ‘n’ whisked away

Sleeping rabbits ‘n’ running tortoises

Instructing teachers ‘n’ instinctive students


Towering skyscrapers ‘n’ skyrocketing speed

0 to 100 in 3 seconds or less

Sky above, earth below, fire within

Dark knights ‘n’ seeing stars

Kick ass launching ‘n’ zigzag overtaking

Hot wheels emblazoning avenues

Glowing streetlights ‘n’ flashing headlights

Wow ‘n’ whoa out for a night on the town

Breathe taking ‘n’ heart arresting

Ear buzzing ‘n’ spine tingling

Fueling imaginations ‘n’ exhilarating thrills

Frozen carriages ‘n’ melting emotions

Moon roofs ‘n’ fresh air

Screeching ‘n’ squealing

Zipping in zipping out



“Anything that gets your blood racing is …worth doing”- Hunter S. Thompson

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