Locked ‘n’ Loaded

Locked ‘n’ loaded


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fun ‘n’ games

Up for grabs-Grades one to ten

Opposing teams- north ‘n’ south

Camel brown jackets ‘n’ matador red tops

Bats ‘n’ balls

Blackboards ‘n’ white chalk

Smooth paper ‘n’ cold steel

Noisy kids ‘n’ fingers in ears

Sparks ‘n’ pistol fire

Dust ‘n’ sweat

Concentration ‘n’ distraction

Stress ‘n’ release

Hits ‘n’ misses

Blind alleys ‘n’ coming out the maze

Witty aphorisms ‘n’ Freudian slips

Tutor ‘n’ the taught ‘n’ switching roles

Brilliant pupils ‘n’ excellent masters

Duets ‘n’ duels

Squaring off ‘n’ circling back

Comical wise men ‘n’ pretentious fools

Tact ‘n’ persuasion

Winking ‘n’ blinking

Hand holding ‘n’ cuddling

Baby bird ‘n’ teacher’s pet

Eyes on the target ‘n’ shifting silhouettes

Shoulders together ‘n’ feet apart

Sweating palms ‘n’ tightening fists

Rib tickling ‘n’ giggling

Coming up ‘n’ going down

Asking ‘n’ receiving


‘Show me how it’s done, cowboy’

“I’m always up for a challenge”

‘All yours’

“Huh, missed the target”

“Shot too soon!”

‘ooh.. that’s gonna hurt…. Your pride!’

“But it’s not over yet honey…better watch out!”



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