To Vivid ‘n’ Vigorous Imaginations

To Vivid ‘n’ Vigorous Imaginations


Blood red stilettos ‘n’ mile long legs

Baby pink gloss ‘n’ black cat eyeliner

French manicures ‘n’ cocktail rings

Crimson silk dresses ‘n’ purple shirts

Black leather gloves ‘n’ blue velvet jackets

Chunky bracelets ‘n’ gold watches

Green ‘n’ fertile pools

Cue sticks ‘n’ balls

Gripping butts ‘n’ angling strikes

Running fingers on shafts ‘n’ blowing on tips

Clasping ‘n’ twisting

Wringing ‘n’ squeezing

Thumb in mouth ‘n’ sucked out of breathe

Open mouths ‘n’ twitching noses

Neck nooses ‘n’ fallen silk ties

Blowing gentle kisses ‘n’ being blown away

Delicately showering red rose petals

Come hither looks ‘n’ a tingling spine

Toppling glasses ‘n’ spilt brick- red wine

Winking ‘n’ blinking


I hear someone’s purring my name…


Honeyed words to the ears!

But wait…

Now, their… shrieking!?


Sir! We need your signature on this file. It’s due today!!


Secretaries ‘n’ bosses

Juniors ‘n’ seniors

Coworkers ‘n’ team leaders

Pens ‘n’ paper

Clipboards ‘n’ notepads

Identity cards ‘n’ documentation

A whiff of a sweet ‘n’ balmy scent


Now what?!

Stop ‘n’ rewind…

…What’s this?

In my breast pocket…

A solitary rose petal…?

Wondering, where am I?

At work, play or …?


Daydreaming ‘n’ a conscious mind

Jiggling head ‘n’ tapping feet

Humming ‘n’ beating time till…


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