To Slow Gentle Beginnings

To Slow Gentle Beginnings


He’s playing Goofy Garfield, she’s playing Minnie mouse

He’s applying cologne, she’s spraying perfume

He’s wooing, she’s oohing

His hair is standing on end, her soft hair is dangling

He’s inching forward, she’s drawing closer

He’s raising one eyebrow, she’s raising both


He’s the charming geek, she’s the demure damsel

He’s careful diction, she’s artistic flair

He’s cracking her up, she’s splitting him wide open

He stifles his smile, she deepens her dimples

He’s sniffing sighs, she’s snorting laughter


He loosens his collar, she tickles her earrings

He unbuttons his shirt, she takes off her jacket

He’s gulping chilled water ‘n’ rubbing ice cubes all over

She’s fanning herself ‘n’ cranking up the AC

He’s still perspiring, she’s still sweating

His eyes are wide shut, her eyes wide open

His fingers are quietly beating tunes, her hands are freely gesturing signals

He’s clearing his throat, she’s fiddling with her hair

He’s forgetting pronunciation, she’s forgetting punctuations

He’s swallowing spit, she’s licking lipstick

He’s coming up from the earth, she’s coming down from the clouds

He’s flying, she’s hovering

He’s reaching out, she’s reaching in

His shadow’s dancing, her candlelight’s flickering


He’s getting lost, she’s pointing the road map

He’s steadying her gaze, she’s steadying his gaze

He’s tasting, she’s touching

He’s testing, she’s daring


He’s in a frenzy, she’s in eagerness

He’s crossing, she’s intersecting

He’s firing, she’s fuming

He’s releasing, she’s edging




Why’s it so hot in here?

Whatever are they doing?

Are they exercising?

Well perhaps…

But No…,’coz it’s so still ‘n’ silent


Guess? Guess?


They’re only…. reading!!


Ha! Ha! Ha!



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