Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

We’re playing roles. Topsy-turvy. Zig and zag. All merry laughter. Giggles and grins. Our feet barely touching the ground.

She’s seemingly in my embrace. But ever sensitive, her mind always a step ahead. I can see danger approaching but she can smell it from a mile.

Ever protecting, caring, her hand gets ready to defend. I arrest it midway. On a fluke, I decide to change the rules of the game. Reckon it’s time to play a bluff or two. Make it more real.

She’s been hard too long. I grab and frame her face firmly with both hands. Pull her in and plant a kiss. Soft and deliberate. I catch her completely unawares.

Still the thinker, she assesses the situation we’re in, syncs in with the twist in plan “Ah, seems wise, why not”. So she gives in. And kisses me back.

Now the lines between real and pretense, sense and in sanity, wise and wacky blur in. Each sucked into a vortex of hunger unleashed. Mmm… we taste surprise and disbelief of a dream coming true. A real treat, slurp!

My hand’s barely in her smooth hair, one minute, slipping onto her shoulder in the next, trying to soften her toughness at the same time. I’m marveled by her special blend of silk and steel. Her hands glides over my skull and soul.

All is silent. Except for collective sighs as water soaks into parched earth.

I’m out of my mind. Eyes threatening to fall out of their sockets.  Even the devil freezes in his advancing steps and retraces.

But she’s still alert, with a corner of an eye on him, slays the demon, knocks me out of my senses and him out of the ball park, by now wacked out of his mind too just witnessing no doubt .Yeah, all in the same sentence and then she moves on.

Was I just kissed by an angel?  Out of breathe. Words fall short…

“That was…”

She turns back to look me in the eyes. Reading struck-stark-stupid.

“Yeah, Wordsmith, come.”

There’s no time now for word play.

However am I going to keep up with her?

I pat my lips to close before any more foolishness is betrayed!

Breathe in, breathe out.



“She was soft as an angel but oh,she could love with the fury of a demon.”-N.R Hart

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