Fact or Fiction Part 1

Fact or Fiction Part 1


Sitting with a sketch artist

‘Tell! Tell!

Who did you meet today?’


“Well, lemme jog my brain cells

I’ll try to recollect…

In no particular order

You’ll need the best tools

Draw if you can!”artistic_painter



-The very fountain of youth ‘n’ vigour

-A wellspring of humour ‘n’ joy

-The owner of the softest of hands ‘n’ an even more tender heart

-His Eyes…deep liquid pools of love ‘n’ desire you can drown in

‘N’ yet gently peering into your very heart ‘n’ soul

-The lips of cupid

-A perfect nose

-Chocolaty sweetness-finger licking good!

-In trappings all nice ‘n’ fine too

-With charming manners

-A real gentleman

-Tall ‘n’ handsome ‘n’ soft ‘n’ cuddly-a study in contrasts!

-Beautiful hair –you wanna run your fingers through

-A smile that starts in his eyes ‘n’ covers his entire face

-A breathing perfumery of musk ‘n’ wine

-A pebble sending warm rippling waves through ‘n’ through

-A voice that at once makes you feel safe to shed your guard ‘n’ inhibitions

Not interrogating yet you find yourself revealing your true authentic self ‘n’ spilling all your deepest dreams ‘n’ follies

-The sharpest of minds, the keenest of intelligence- penetrating to the kernel of truth in every word

…A touch so warm it engulfs your very being

-a beautiful neck you wanna nibble,nuzzle against ,wrap your arms around ‘n’ rest

N there’s more ..

But alas… I don’t have the words for..

‘My ! My!

Did you meet a Greek God?

Was he real?’


Dunno,  that’s why I need to find him again to make sure!


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