Fact or Fiction- Part 2

Fact or Fiction -Part 2

Honourable judge,” May I present the following witnesses, they all say they are in close relations with the Greek God. All are staking exclusive claims. Be kind to give them an audience, listen to their testimonies and then decide.”

“Alright, come one by one, in an orderly queue please.”

– The glasses –“We are privy to his innermost thoughts ‘n’ deep penetrating gaze.”

-Spectacle frame,” don’t forget me, for I have the triple privilege, I frame the masterpiece-the beautiful face, sit atop the perfect nose ‘n’ rest over patiently listening ears.”

-The fabric – headily breathing in his scent, “Mmm.., I clothe ‘n’ drape the body of the Greek god, in closest touch with his every pore.”

-The shirt- ‘I sit proud atop firm shoulders ‘n’ fit every cut ‘n’ curve.”

-The shirt collar –“I sit snug on his neck, in tight embrace or in carefree abandon as maybe.”

-The breast pocket on the shirt sighs,” I closely listen to his every heart beat to match mine.”

‘N’ what of the print of his shirt- checks or stripes- “Oh!  Don’t mind us. We don’t really matter, he puts the style in fashion ‘n’ whatever he puts on is in vogue, you see.”

-The buttons on the shirt- “We get tickled silly, pinched by his nimble fingers as each stud is pushed into its slit.”

-The shirt sleeves -roll up in laughter ‘n’ mirth,” We regale ourselves in stories of his wit ‘n’ humour but only at leisure!”

-The watch-“I glide over palm, clasp wrist ‘n’ jingle-jangle with his every moving step. He can’t help but keep in tune ‘n’ time by me. Every hour, minute ‘n’ second of every day.”

-The belt- “I  fasten firmly his smoldering sexuality lest it ignites every combustible man or woman into  exploding flames.”

-The buckle –“I  secure ‘n’ release when need be.”

-The trousers-brown or black, “We ride astride his towering looks.”

-The pockets of trousers –“We are hand in glove with the softest hands, fondled ‘n’ warmed ‘n’ yet can’t help but hide his keys just so that in fishing he rummages to our very depths.”

-The socks –“We soak in the sweat of his hard toils “n’ labor.”

-The shoes- Humbly prostrating in pair, “Ah, we have the rare fortune to be able to reach ,kiss ‘n’ touch his feet.”

– ‘N’ zip, why’re you so quiet? “Well, sorry, I must zip my lips, it’s strictly confidential!”

N there are other unmentionables…

Judge – “Well, let them remain so for now!”

“All compete to beat the best. I can’t be no judge to such supreme qualities ‘n’ relations. Live in peace together!”

“Court dismissed!”



Dear Gentlemen,Greek God or not,the writer hopes you have new found respect for the in animates’  humble origins.Their  candid chattering may however increase the dressing up or dressing down time from now on or perhaps make the mundane more pleasurable…

Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated. Like, comment and share.


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