Half a Doctor

“Good afternoon, I have an appointment with Dr Geller.”

“Oh.., Sorry Ma’am his OPD is backlogged since the morning, there was an emergency case, he’s in the surgery as we speak. Should be out soon.  But you’ll have to wait.”


I resign to my fate and the ticking clock behind her. So today’s officially a bad day…I have a blog post to write, a  photo character sketch, due by 7 on the Editor’s desk and well in simple words no inspiration. I might as well use the time to try to get some headway on it here, I survey the room to make a beeline for the quietest corner seat among the other waiting patients.

“But Ma’am… his Junior is in, you can see him now.”

“But I regularly see Mr Geller only, you know that Gene”, I remind the receptionist.

Anyways I’m thinking he’s a junior doctor…what is that? At best half a doctor..

“But he’s real good ,” she goes on,”a part of Dr Geller’s team,take a consult,he can give you an initial diagnosis, no special charge, you can see Geller as soon as he’s out of surgery.”

Now I don’t change my doctor unless I really have to…I mean once I feel confident and comfortable with him…it’s all about vibes. But what’s the harm I reckon it’s a free consult…at the least he can help me figure out these test results…which are adding to my already jangled nerves not good either for my health or my writing today.

‘Ok’,I tell her.


‘The Doctor will see you now’, the assistant announces and opens the door.

‘Please come in,What’s the trouble?How can I help you?’

I settle in the chair and look across the table…


-a nice crop of hair, dark brooding eyes, wisdom on his brows

-hands clasped together on the table

-a man about business, image, detail, order and precision

-a clean and crisp air about him

– timeless -ageless…well age is just a number till you’re a senior citizen..

-the suave, quiet, smoldering intellectual

-a repository of knowledge, competent and skilled

-intelligent, professional and sexy without even trying

-a lethal combination of serious and naughty

-eyes which have seen both pain and pleasure in equal measure

-a mischievous smile lurking somewhere behind well..has to keep it in wraps after all it might be too fatal,

– internally engaged in some puzzle or conundrum

-the air of soulful mystery

-Hmm..Far more to the man than meets the eye

– Why doesn’t he smile more?….Ah.. there’s the risk of every patient being smitten..


I hear my mental typewriter inking and printing…

“Miss..! Hello…Are you ok? Do you need a glass of water?”,he asks with concern, breaking me out of my reverie.

(Haha), “No, I need a paper and a pen,”I blurt out, a smile creeping out upon my face for the first time in the day.

“Hunh? What’s the problem?”

“Well, yes, umm…coming to that…”

(Yeah…I’m feeling better already! The clouds are clearing..It might not be such a bad day after all!)


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