Dedicated to all those who DANCE

Dedicated  to all those who DANCE

Let’s play our favourite music

Let’s escape within and without

Let’s get in step with our inner rhythm

Let’s sway to our own beat

Let’s put our guard down

Let’s be comfortable in our own skin

Let’s take this small simple step

Let’s ease in

Let’s loose ourselves

Let’s have fun

Let’s plug in

Let’s unfurl

Let’s leave our inhibitions behind

No one’s watching

No one’s listening

No one’s holding us up

We are alone

On this date

Body, mind and soul.



A different type of date…Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another…Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated. Like, comment and share.

Frozen Love

Frozen Love

The stage is set

In colors of white, blue and black.

A soothing voice

Sings a haunting melody

In the shadows of the night


Frozen love

Forgotten promises and commitments


A human heart

Bone chilling,

Melting, thawing,

Slowly trickling

Everything solid disappearing

Under the day’s blasting spot light


Some people are worth melting for…

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Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers


I make a wish list

Never knowing that it would come to life in a split second

The universe listening closely

Agrees to turn it into reality

My ideals come closer

One by one

Yet taken by surprise at this sudden turn of events


Never knew it could feel so good so soon

How do you want it to play?

A deep breath

What have I wished for?

What path brought me to this present moment?

Never dreamt far enough to know how it ends

Left speechless, thoughtless

Time’s up!

A blunt break-

Have I just been taken for a fool?

Yes! No, maybe

Left In a daze

In the heat of the moment

Wondering was I not ready

For my prayers to be answered.


If God answers your prayer,He is increasing your faith.If He delays, He is increasing your patience.If He doesn’t answer your prayer,He is preparing the best for you…

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Face to Face

Face to Face


Baby, how do you feel?

I am listening

But not to your words

I ask only for courtesy sake

‘Coz no matter what you say

I feel what you feel

‘N’ know what you won’t admit knowing

I hear what you’re not saying.


So go ahead darling

Look me in the eye with a lie

Or look away with the truth

I can see through your every poker face

Your lips may say one thing

But your eyes tell another.


“There’s a telepathy between hearts,where no words are needed and all is understood.”-Karen Salmonsohn

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A Frozen Moment

A Frozen Moment

No one can touch us

No one can reach us

Nothing can penetrate.


In a bubble of our own

Eyes ‘n ears only for each other

Locked in a surreal moment

The world has simply ceased to exist.


Smiling, laughing, giggling,

All at once!

Stuttering and stammering

Out of breath

Out of words.

(-Two childhood sweethearts unexpectedly meet… )



“Surround everyone you can think of in bubbles of love.”-Diana Cooper

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Who will you be?

Who will you be?


Amidst the checkered landscape of life,

The raining heavens and the cloudy moods.

A cold steel pyramid of success,

A towering symbol of love and romance,

Standing proud and tall,

A lighthouse for miles,

A beacon for all and sundry to look up to.

The humble human shield,

With room for only one or two.

When the world turns upside down,

A red ark turned inside out,

Remaining open and exposed,

Wearing an outward garb,

In colors of the human heart.

Feeling, filling to the brim.

Who will you be?


“…There is but one kind of love; God is love, and all his creatures derive theirs from his; only it is modified by the different degrees of intelligence in different beings and creatures.”-John James Audobon

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