Pack up

Leave all that is familiar and comfortable

No matter life’s thunderstorms

The crackling lightning

The torrential rains

Come with whatever little remains

Hold on tight

Even if the mist does not clear

Bring your heavy heart

Bring your hiding tears

Let them rain

That they clear your vision

Destiny o so glorious lies in wait

In readiness to accept and love you

Soaking wet

Battle wounds and all.

Your dream come true

Only a breath away

It never is too late

For the honest truth

Forgiveness is for the taking

A heartbeat away

So cross the bridge

Come on over

Catch up and embrace

Join hands

How long can you runaway?

Stop and stay.


You may like to click on the link below to see and hear the digital video poetry version of this poem.

Good things come to those who wait…Better things come to those who don’t give up…And the best things come to those who just believe…Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated.Like,comment and share.


6 thoughts on “IN WAIT

    1. Thank you so much… welcome… my pleasure…opportunity to learn
      from an author and life coach… likewise…yes they’re lucidly written easy to bring into practice…thanks …you too…

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  1. Hi Geet! I m honored! This is the the best comments i hv recd this morning!
    Its so sweet of you to write such impactful words!
    Love you geet1

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