Face to Face

Face to Face


Baby, how do you feel?

I am listening

But not to your words

I ask only for courtesy sake

‘Coz no matter what you say

I feel what you feel

‘N’ know what you won’t admit knowing

I hear what you’re not saying.


So go ahead darling

Look me in the eye with a lie

Or look away with the truth

I can see through your every poker face

Your lips may say one thing

But your eyes tell another.


“There’s a telepathy between hearts,where no words are needed and all is understood.”-Karen Salmonsohn

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15 thoughts on “Face to Face

  1. I like how with poetry, you might wrote something, but the same thing will be interpreted differently. Also, one of my close friend and I, we always seem to know what each of us is thinking and feeling. My sister and I have the same connection. Sometimes, I can sense through text how she is feeling.

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    1. Rightly said…it can be interpreted any which way ,no right no wrong…yes we often have telepathic connections with loved ones…for me , same with my mum and sister… thanks for sharing your thoughts…

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