Fact or Fiction -Part 3

Fact or Fiction – Part 3

Uses of the Greek God.

(In no particular order)

@An anti -aging cream- apply at bed time and become 10 years younger overnight

@If you are ever tense, it works as a mind ‘n’ muscle relaxant too

-@self realisation short cut, yogis meditating for centuries ‘n’ yet have not found favour with God can avail of immediate levitation and redemption

@natural sleeping pill, the modern man ‘n’ his tired bones are assured of restful sleep several hours every night or a rejevunating afternoon nap or siesta

@ Brain food, Increases intellectual capabilities. Potential to turn any plain Jack or Jill into genius. No need for almonds, Chywanprash or Horlicks!

@After eights, for the connoisseur of chocolates, the finest chocolate with a soft gooey centre for indulgence after dinner. For those with a sweet tooth, there may be no need to pile on the calories of a dessert. But a statutory warning: Only for adults, ages above 18.

@The best stand -up comedy show, boundless wit ‘n’ humour for those who believe laughter is the best medicine, wordplay rivalling George Carlin’s

@Aphrodisiac-cerebral wine distilled from the Rubaiyat and repackaged for this century by no less than the Persian poet Omar Khayyam

@Diving pools, for water enthusiasts with dare enough to drown, swimmers can expect to feel aroused, enamoured ‘n’ lightheaded all at the same time

@Immersion rod, immerse in water ‘n’ heat it to boiling point in a few seconds

@Wine- highly intoxicating, will keep you in spirits night ‘n’ day ‘n’ won’t even show as alcohol content in your bloodstream. Special boon for Teetotallers ‘n’ drivers!

@Teddy-bear- gives soft hugs ‘n’ cuddles. No need for kids (small or big) to visit a toy shop ever again.

@Heater-warms the surrounding air. On the coldest day be warmed up in a jiffy. Can even double up as hand gloves or mittens, for a more personal touch.

@Ladder-mounted, no mountain or tower is unreachable.

@Drill- can penetrate any surface ‘n’ drill holes in any metal

@Writing Mentor-sure shot recovery from writer’s block. A fountain head spouting inspiration ‘n’ ideas in an ever flowing stream of consciousness

@Battery-Duracell, Never be out of power again, lasts long, really long, keeps on going night ‘n’ day, once turned on.

@ Household upholstery-the softest heart shaped cushion to fall on ‘n’ let go

@A sturdy axis, perfect for gay swinging by kids ‘n’ adults alike

@Cupid’s bows ‘n’ arrows- No one is immune. Leave your girlfriend or boyfriend spellbound. Victory assured in all matters of the heart.

@Burning glass- twin convex lenses can concentrate the sun’s rays, heat up the area and ignite the exposed surface

@knife-the sharpest, can cut anything ‘n’ slice it to the core

Precaution: Best not to use or bring near a monastery or convent. Topless dancing ‘n’ a spontaneous striptease by the residents cannot be ruled out.

*I suggest filing for a patent soon!


“The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake.”- Leonardo Da Vinci

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Going, Going, Gone

close-up-court-courthouse-534204Going, Going, Gone

He’s sitting all still ‘n’ stoic

Could cut the tension in the room with a knife

I tip toe to the couch opposite him

From the corner of his eye

He’s watching my every move

‘You’re too hard!’

“Rather I’m too soft”, she’s thinking out aloud

Don’t make me the bad cop

Fun ‘n’ games is all good

But discipline’s necessary too

Next ensues a staring match

A test of patience ‘n’ resolve

A fierce battle of wills…

One can sniff the suspense in the air

“Ok pretty boy, I give up, you win

You have my heart on a tight leash

Let’s make up

Who can resist your puppy face?

My defeat was a doggone conclusion

No need to whine or whimper

Come on up

Let’s hug it out

Fetch your toy

Come darling, let’s play”

Sloppy kisses

Licking ‘n’ tickling

Nuzzling ‘n’ snuggling


Going, Going, Gone!

“He speaketh not; and yet there lies a conversation in his eyes.”-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Can I get a woof-woof!?

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One Fine Day

One Fine Day

I reach the party

Freshly showered ‘n’ shaven

Suited ‘n’ booted

For me tonight’s all about business

More networking  rather than socializing

Just chit chatting, polite ‘n’ official

Lights ‘n’ camera

Loud music ‘n’ chatter

In a sea of skin

Long legs, bare backs ‘n’ off shoulders

A whiff of a perfume wafts from across the room

She makes an entrance

Dressed in a dreamy blue sari

Flattering her better than any body- con

Pristine pure skin

Body sculpted ‘n’ chiseled by the Maker

Her beauty putting every clotheshorse to shame

Making her the cynosure of all eyes

Soft brown curls frame her face ’n’ fall till her shoulders

Black kohled eyes

Blue eyeshadow on her lids

A peach stain on her lips

I spot a lone pimple on her cheek

(Yeah, I’m a man of details ‘n’ cheeky!)

The sparkle of solitaires

The jingle jangle of bangles

Pearl chains dangle down the valley of desire

Shyly clasping her clutch

Big faux baubles weigh on her slender fingers

She seems to be radiating love from every bone ‘n’ sinew

‘Coz the sight of her is taking my breathe away

Our eyes meet

I stare a minute too long

Her pretty forehead creases

Why can’t I take my eyes off her?

A sheepish smile betrays my face

She fiddles her fingers

I twiddle my thumbs

“That’s her! That’s her!”

My insides start screaming

“I recognize you

Long lost lover from another lifetime

Oh! I’m so happy to see you

It’s your lucky day!”

Shush, finger on your lips!

Stop flipping ‘n’ somersaulting!

I scold my inner Romeo

Let’s keep this a secret

Let’s think this through

Are you ready to seal the deal?

The most important of your lifetime

What if she spurns your love ‘n’ turns me away?

“Man, don’t think too much

What are you waiting for?

I’m right behind you

Just take the first step!”

As I’m still pondering

She sneaks upon me

“Hi, I’m Nikita, Do I know you?”


(Fingers crossed)

Just an ordinary day

An extraordinary rendezvous

There’s a twinkle in my eye

‘N’ a spring in my step


“Come on, sweetheart, let’s adore one another before there is no more of you and me.”- Rumi

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A Proposal

A Proposal

“It’s  been a long day

Are ya in the mood for

A lil’ music

A slow striptease

‘N’ a steaming hot shower

The taste of wet skin

The whiff of shampooed hair

Embarrassing bathroom singing

Laughing ‘n’ squealing

Bodies dancing

Shadows merging

Fizzing ‘n’ sizzling

Electrifying ‘n’ melting


So? I’m waiting…”



How can I resist?

How can I not give in?

‘Coz I’ve got you under my skin…’pair-2498704_1920

Can I get a finger snap?

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Temptation Island

Temptation Island



Aqua blue ‘n’ tranquil water

Water everywhere ’n’ not a drop to drink

Swimsuits ‘n’ birthday suits

Soaring temperatures

Is it the sun or the suit?

Bathrobes ‘n’ disrobing

Plunging necklines ‘n’ sneak peeks

Goggles and ogles

Showstoppers ‘n’ stopwatches

Thongs on feet ‘n’ heart flip flops

Oohing and aahing

Diving ‘n’ splashing

Sinking ‘n’ surfacing

And the slipping sands of time…


Come ,take a dip…

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To Poolside celebrations


To Poolside celebrations



Bar stools ‘n’ lounging chaises

Blue skies ‘n’ printed sarongs

Cool breezes ‘n’ hot fissures

Cocktails ‘n’ mock tails

Scotch on the rocks ‘n’ pineapple juice

Cold glass ‘n’ scalding fingers

Sipping slowly ‘n’ choking hazards

Goofy charm ‘n’ criminal beauty

Disguised constraint under layers ‘n comfortable in her own skin

Sun tanned ‘n liquid gold

Drowning on dry land ‘n’ water surfacing phoenix

Gaping kissers ‘n’ pursed lips

Doe eyes ‘n’ honing discs

Sunglasses ‘n’ translucent skin

Dry mouths ‘n’ wet hair cascading

Clear waters ‘n’ nude swimsuits

Revealing little ‘n’ imagination running

Dripping ‘n’ drooling

Lazy moments ‘n’ frozen time

Snoopy dogs ‘n’ in heat bitches

Up front entrances ‘n’ back exits

Poking ‘n’ pinching

A whiff of intoxication ‘n’ morning after of sobriety

So what will it be Sir?


Business or pleasure?

Ah, Maybe a lil of both…


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The night time makes me incognito

The late hour supplying solitude from bustling crowds

The mist enveloping me in meditative shroud

Nature’s painting everything in shades of black ‘n’ blue

I’m trudging through puddles ‘n’ muddles

Pouring rain soaking me to the bone

The smell of wet earth invigorates my senses

The water washing away my tears ‘n’ fears

The lightning striking me with inspiration

The thunder arouses a steely resolve

To break every shackle ‘n’ chain

No matter the hurt ‘n’ pain

Hold on tight, these are a slippery times

There’s no solid ground

It’s pitch black ‘n’ dark, not a star in sight

“No worries, move on, I got your back.”

Says a tiny voice.

“I’m a part of you, I’ll walk with you, no matter what.”


“Maybe I can’t stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain…”

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I gotta a feeling


‘I gotta a feelin’ that tonight’s gonna be a good, good night…’

Hands in her pockets ‘n’ his flailing arms

Talking with his hands ‘n’ tricks up her sleeve

Finger combing ‘n’ a relaxed head

Nonchalant flirt ‘n’ tantalized onlooker

Tasting seduction ‘n’ testing control

Tiny fingers ‘n’ expert maneuvers

Popping buttons ‘n’ pushing buttons

Yelling over the din in the bar, “Hey, can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure girl, but I thought you were the speakeasy .”

“Lets do it.”


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