The night time makes me incognito

The late hour supplying solitude from bustling crowds

The mist enveloping me in meditative shroud

Nature’s painting everything in shades of black ‘n’ blue

I’m trudging through puddles ‘n’ muddles

Pouring rain soaking me to the bone

The smell of wet earth invigorates my senses

The water washing away my tears ‘n’ fears

The lightning striking me with inspiration

The thunder arouses a steely resolve

To break every shackle ‘n’ chain

No matter the hurt ‘n’ pain

Hold on tight, these are a slippery times

There’s no solid ground

It’s pitch black ‘n’ dark, not a star in sight

“No worries, move on, I got your back.”

Says a tiny voice.

“I’m a part of you, I’ll walk with you, no matter what.”


“Maybe I can’t stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain…”

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