To Poolside celebrations


To Poolside celebrations



Bar stools ‘n’ lounging chaises

Blue skies ‘n’ printed sarongs

Cool breezes ‘n’ hot fissures

Cocktails ‘n’ mock tails

Scotch on the rocks ‘n’ pineapple juice

Cold glass ‘n’ scalding fingers

Sipping slowly ‘n’ choking hazards

Goofy charm ‘n’ criminal beauty

Disguised constraint under layers ‘n comfortable in her own skin

Sun tanned ‘n liquid gold

Drowning on dry land ‘n’ water surfacing phoenix

Gaping kissers ‘n’ pursed lips

Doe eyes ‘n’ honing discs

Sunglasses ‘n’ translucent skin

Dry mouths ‘n’ wet hair cascading

Clear waters ‘n’ nude swimsuits

Revealing little ‘n’ imagination running

Dripping ‘n’ drooling

Lazy moments ‘n’ frozen time

Snoopy dogs ‘n’ in heat bitches

Up front entrances ‘n’ back exits

Poking ‘n’ pinching

A whiff of intoxication ‘n’ morning after of sobriety

So what will it be Sir?


Business or pleasure?

Ah, Maybe a lil of both…


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