A Proposal

A Proposal

“It’s  been a long day

Are ya in the mood for

A lil’ music

A slow striptease

‘N’ a steaming hot shower

The taste of wet skin

The whiff of shampooed hair

Embarrassing bathroom singing

Laughing ‘n’ squealing

Bodies dancing

Shadows merging

Fizzing ‘n’ sizzling

Electrifying ‘n’ melting


So? I’m waiting…”



How can I resist?

How can I not give in?

‘Coz I’ve got you under my skin…’pair-2498704_1920

Can I get a finger snap?

Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated.

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47 thoughts on “A Proposal

    1. Aww… so sweet of you to say… I hope to do soon.am encouraged…..til then feel free to browse through my older posts… hope you will like them too…


      1. I could not take my eyes off from this picture.Its so powerful and intense!
        I love your imagination!
        Keep giving such posts!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I enjoyed reading all your posts from beggining.They all are superb,brilliant and splendid!
    You hv the magic inside you and it attracts me a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

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