Going, Going, Gone

close-up-court-courthouse-534204Going, Going, Gone

He’s sitting all still ‘n’ stoic

Could cut the tension in the room with a knife

I tip toe to the couch opposite him

From the corner of his eye

He’s watching my every move

‘You’re too hard!’

“Rather I’m too soft”, she’s thinking out aloud

Don’t make me the bad cop

Fun ‘n’ games is all good

But discipline’s necessary too

Next ensues a staring match

A test of patience ‘n’ resolve

A fierce battle of wills…

One can sniff the suspense in the air

“Ok pretty boy, I give up, you win

You have my heart on a tight leash

Let’s make up

Who can resist your puppy face?

My defeat was a doggone conclusion

No need to whine or whimper

Come on up

Let’s hug it out

Fetch your toy

Come darling, let’s play”

Sloppy kisses

Licking ‘n’ tickling

Nuzzling ‘n’ snuggling


Going, Going, Gone!

“He speaketh not; and yet there lies a conversation in his eyes.”-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Can I get a woof-woof!?

Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated.

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40 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone

    1. wow…thank you so much for your kind words.very empowering and encouraging…feel free to check out my other poems on the blog…honest feedback highly appreciated….I am following you… done…my pleasure…


      1. thanks again…started since 2015 (as mentioned in my about section), have been posting on and off again, not regular enough…thanks for the encouragement and motivation…


      2. Good I reckon, am receiving, likes, comments, re blogs, positive feedback, advice from the likes of you and other kind people and new followers everyday… up to 184 now..


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