Me in Pictures

Me in Pictures


“I am happy to report that my inner child is still ageless.” – James Broughton

How about yours? Come out and play…

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58 thoughts on “Me in Pictures

      1. Yes my photo needs smiles…..! But then,thats the way i am,Geet! I believe more bringinging smiles on other’s face! That makes me happy!

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      2. I am really happy to know that i hv brought smiles to you! Thats a great compliment to me!
        God bless you ,Geet!

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  1. Kudrat ne bnai kya khub mutat hai,
    Phursat mein bnai gyi surat hai./
    Jo bhi dekhega deewana ho jaayega,
    Kitni palkon basi gayi sirat hai.//

    Nyc sharing with beautiful pic.Geetika ji.

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  2. You look real .your smile is like a purse of sky unlimited yet restrained .. your eyes have a puppy like innocence vulnerable yet resolute like cats snatch… To communicate with you in silence will be very interesting as you look perfectly deft in art of reading unpoken words.

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