Eye See You


She needs no jewels

‘Coz Spirit shines in her eyes

Akin pearls in their shells

“Arjun, What are you looking at?”


Hands on waist

Stance as a stern as a teacher

Taking my musing eye to task


Hands in my pockets

Shuffling feet ’n’ mumbling like a guilty student


“Unh …me…Nothing…Naina.”




Her face breaks into a smile

The smile reaches her eyes

‘N’ lights up my heart

I often wonder at this short circuitry


“Well… actually I can’t take my eyes off you…”


Admitting the truth

Is a load off my chest

I  have inherited Pinocchio’s nose

Can’t tell a lie

I’ve learnt my lesson

It was a rookie mistake to even try

Que sera sera…


But her eyes have no filter either

Is that why she averts my gaze

Every three seconds…?


“Me neither…”

Conversations may end

Eyes will always have the last word

Leaving everlasting impressions

Like the ending notes of a piano

Echoing long after in emptying theatres


We try to hide our feelings but we forgot that our eyes speak…

Eye see you…Do you see me too?

Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated. I hope you like, if ya do, love to hear your thoughts and comments too…And share ‘coz sharing is caring.

27 thoughts on “Eye See You

  1. So sensually written, and it flows beautifully, leaving behind that lingering effect. You know, like you want to have more of it. Indeed, the heart shines through the eyes. Lovely piece my dear. Truly lovely.🌷


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