On the razor’s edge

Up against tough

It gets rough

Strain ‘n’ pressure

Knock-down blows

Repeated kicks

Creasing forehead

Clenched teeth

Battered ‘n’ bruised

Body, mind, heart ‘n’ soul

A lamb in a precarious situation

Slipping grip

Skidding feet

Blood curdling screams

Hanging by the thread

Between life ‘n’ death

Left by the world

To the mercy of the heavens above

Just when all seems lost

I hear hope call

Hang on!

Come on!

Rally on!

You’re a fighter

Give a fighting fight till the very finish

You can’t give up!

Out of breath

By now

Used up every ounce of strength

A sinking feeling

All resolve dissolves

Realization dawns

It must be the end…

Last cry for help

“Oh God!”

A hand pulls me from the abyss

Saved by a whisker

In the nick of time

“Good Shepherd

Why did you wait till the last second?”

“‘N’ why did you?

I was waiting too

With bated breath

For you, to finally call on me.”


Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

“No matter what storm you face, you need to know that God loves you. He has not abandoned you.”- Franklin Graham

Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated. Look forward to your comments.





30 thoughts on “On the razor’s edge

      1. Thanks so much for the encouragement again…feel free to peruse my blog at your leisure…Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated…


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