A Letter

Dear one,

I see you

Grey eyes ‘n’ solemn soul

Glistening tears

Tender hands cuffing mouth

Stifling the sobs within

A modest ‘n’ polished appearance without

I keep quiet

But your sobriety doesn’t fool me

Here’s my final parting message

You don’t need eyes to read ‘em

They’re a braille

To be felt by the soul

Awake, arise ’n’ dream no more!

Your neighbour maybe a sleepin’

His eyes closed to the truth

But it’s your time

Before taking off

From this world

Before the lights go a blinkin’

Before going one to none

Search within

Search without

Open up

Deeply reflect

Risk your heart while you’re still alive

Don’t fight it

Don’t make this mistake

Never look back

‘N’ in the hardest of times

Never fold in

Share your burdens

Trust me always

Lean on me always

Last thing

Just breathe


Meet me on the other side

Yours truly,

Your closest Secret


(Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels)


“There are two kinds of secrets. The ones we keep from others and the ones we keep from ourselves.”
― Frank Warren


(It’s a secret…)

)Now in the open(

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    1. My warm greetings to all the super talented,inspirational and encouraging WordPress bloggers across the globe. I humbly thank you for the mention and the challenge.


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