Enough is Enough


A WhatsApp message :

“Tonight’s menu: Pasta in red sauce, Garlic bread, Chocolate lava cake and …me.”

“Tasty!!! Can hardly wait Sexy…”

Sigh…Naughty intentions

Can’t get them off my mind

I want you so much

Can’t finish work fast enough

Can’t get home fast enough

Can’t shut the door fast enough

Can’t get the music on fast enough

Can’t switch off the lights fast enough

Can’t get you to bed fast enough

Can’t get you undressed fast enough

Can’t get my freak on fast enough

Can’t get you close enough

Can’t taste you fast enough

Can’t kiss you enough

“Wait…The neighbours might be watching!”

Can’t shut the blinds fast enough!

Lust rough ‘n’ love smooth

Moving ‘n’ grooving

Colliding ‘n’ pouncing

Unbuttoning ‘n’ stripping

Bumping ‘n’ bouncing

Tossing ‘n’ turning

Who cares ? who’s on top

Can’t get a word in fast enough!

“Missed you so much!”

“There’s you, there’s me, and then, there’s the craving in between.”

So …Enough?

Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated. Like or comment or both…



41 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

      1. God always takes care of beautiful soul like you.But you should take charge of of your own life. You are capable of doing that.

        If you have any specific issues in your life, you can always write to me at my mail ID and i will be pleased to address it and help you!

        Wish u all the best in your life!

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  1. Oh lol. I saw the title of this last night but didn’t get to read it. I’m glad I did this morning. I LOVED it. It us humorous, but I can feel the speeding up right the way through, then…oh god the beighbours might be watching. I found that bit soooo funny. Something we probably all can felate to. But oh how HUNGRY it made me lol. Yeah, great write

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