A Memorable Milestone

Dear Word press community,

A fellow blogger , Dear Kairos, was inspired to translate one of my poems, ‘A Tryst’ into Spanish. You can read the translation here:


It is a beautiful translation. He has also added a lovely and very appropriate image to the piece.

I thank him deeply for this wonderful milestone on my creative journey.My poem is humbled and honoured to be featured on his blog :


It is a beautiful blog with lovely images and lots of categories to explore:Essays,Verse and Poetry Prose,Ingenuity, Music,Stories, Thinking and Visuals.Do have a visit .

I thank him  again for helping my words reach a wider audience.

Feliz Blogging! Escritura Feliz! Sigue leyendo para manteverte inspirado.

Peace love goodwill and gratitude always


8 thoughts on “A Memorable Milestone

  1. @GEET – You are very kind and generous with us. We just wanted to show your work and genuine skills to put together such writing to our readers, none of that would have been possible without you.
    BTW, At the time you posted “A Tryst”, I had already finished and programmed a funny poem about the same issue, but I thought and still think your poem is far better than mine, so, I decided to ask your permission to re-post “A Tryst”.
    Thanks GEET for your support
    My Sincere Regards

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    1. Thank you again for your kind words of appreciation…am encouraged…humbled by your showcasing my poem …would love to read your funny poem…do post…warm regards …Geet


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