This is neither poetry nor prose

Matters of the heart need neither

Just to let you know how much you mean to me

But you already know that…


Dear Annie,


I know when I talk to you, in any language

You understand

We need no translator

Animated movies are not a figment of imagination

Nor for a child’s entertainment

I can hear your thoughts

Even though you don’t speak

Your eyes speak volumes

Only you ‘n’ I know

Our secret morse code

When I’m sick or sad you know intuitively

Quietly sitting beside me

Eyes pleading, “Tell me how can I help?”

I too now know the hidden meaning behind your every woof, bark, whimper ‘n’ cry

You wag your tail to greet, to cheer, making everyone your friend

Oh! How I wish I could sleep peacefully belly side up like you

Leaving all cares to Mother Nature

Your super sharp nose can sniff out both trouble ‘n’ treats

You can never have enough belly rubs

Never refuse a free massage from anyone

Stranger or not

Playing tugs of war with you

Puts me at peace

You fetch your toy

‘N’ bring back joy

At the end of a long day

Patting your soft silky white coat takes out all my mind’s creases

You follow me on a walk

Like Mary had a little lamb

It’s no coincidence that dog is god spelled backwards

With loyalty like no other

Knows only her master’s voice

You absorb all negativity from the surroundings

Giving out only positive vibrations

Your kind really is man’s best friend

Your adorable jigs ‘n’ races of joy

Celebrating a good poop

Inspire me to live in the moment

And savor life’s daily graces

Your only weakness, food simple as that

The foodie that you are

You can barter any number of paw-shakes for your favorite treat

You come after a great line of predecessors

Badshah, Cherry, Saber, Lassie, Dicky ‘n’ Ticky

Your ancestors must no doubt be proud of you doggie

‘Cause you’ve proved yourself

A true Angel


A happy World Animal day to all!