Déjà vu

I chanced upon a musty old book

Out slipped brittle paper letters

Love notes

Of lovers from a different time

Baring their soul

In words to one another

Innocent of my reading eyes

Why do they seem to be speaking to me?

Of a lucky moment

Coming closer in this lifetime



Code RED

I see danger

A tomato-red shirt and

A peeping white lacy brassiere

I smell mischief

I smell mischief up your sleeve

I taste temptation

I’m craving the taste of you

I touch me

You touch you

I lick my lips

It’s so hot

I’m popping a button or two

“In the mood to play?

A game for big boys and girls”

“Darling, you’re such a striptease,

Let the games begin!”


“When temptation knocks, imagination usually answers.”- Dan Bennett

Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash

Just sit with me

Eyes downcast

I sit by life’s well

Contemplating the ruins

All the plans gone astray

Feeling helpless

Tense mind and fidgety fingers

Unable to stop the train of punishing thoughts

Clicking steps close in

She comes, sits by me

Side by side

Comes closer still

Suddenly the weight on my shoulder lifts

Her dainty hand pats my knee

Hand in hand   in silence we sit

Not a word is said

Hugging hands say

I know, you know

I know you know



‘When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.’



Matching wounds

In the middle of nowhere

The sky inked midnight blue

Deep in the dark

Crickets chirping

Break the silence of the night

I wake up

My head’s on his shoulder

First surprise, then recall

Finally recognition dawns

I touch my face

Thoughts whisper to me-

Is this real?

What happened?

Where are we?

Who is out there?

He looks me in the eye

Answering my unspoken thoughts

“Don’t worry dear

Together we’ll figure out the mysteries of this life”


Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash