The Monalisa Enigma



The Monalisa Enigma




Depending on where you look

You’ll  see a cheerful happy smile or not

This is perhaps the secret to life

Perspective decides everything


Where are you looking?


12 thoughts on “The Monalisa Enigma

  1. Thank you Geet. I feel one should not bother about wisdom when he is experiencing pleasure and happiness.It may not be a wise move to look at a beautiful woman like you but I will still do it because
    it gives me pleasure and happiness.

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  2. Perspective decides everything. That there is the truth, pure and simple. I think she is doing both because she is static but the painting remains as a reminder that life will give you bith joy and it’s opposite. It’s important to accept both as solid facts of life, solid as that painting that hangs somewhere on a wall.

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