A Beautiful Bouquet of Poems

β€œDon’t judge a book by its cover.β€πŸ“™

BUT in this case, you can! Because the poems inside are as beautiful as the cover, the paper, typesetting and printing.

πŸ“–πŸ’Guldastaa is an amazing collection of 155 poems in English and Hindi, selected from over 700+ entries, so you know you’re reading the best of the best.πŸ’―

It will make a great read for you or as a gift to any poetry lover.🎁


I am happy to share that a selected poem of mine has found a home in this poetry anthology which has launched me as a published poet.😊✍️

So pick up your copy now, link below!πŸ›’πŸ‘‡https://notionpress.com/read/guldastaa..

(Guldastaa is a Hindi word meaning bouquet.)