Fact or Fiction -Part 3

Fact or Fiction – Part 3

Uses of the Greek God.

(In no particular order)

@An anti -aging cream- apply at bed time and become 10 years younger overnight

@If you are ever tense, it works as a mind ‘n’ muscle relaxant too

-@self realisation short cut, yogis meditating for centuries ‘n’ yet have not found favour with God can avail of immediate levitation and redemption

@natural sleeping pill, the modern man ‘n’ his tired bones are assured of restful sleep several hours every night or a rejevunating afternoon nap or siesta

@ Brain food, Increases intellectual capabilities. Potential to turn any plain Jack or Jill into genius. No need for almonds, Chywanprash or Horlicks!

@After eights, for the connoisseur of chocolates, the finest chocolate with a soft gooey centre for indulgence after dinner. For those with a sweet tooth, there may be no need to pile on the calories of a dessert. But a statutory warning: Only for adults, ages above 18.

@The best stand -up comedy show, boundless wit ‘n’ humour for those who believe laughter is the best medicine, wordplay rivalling George Carlin’s

@Aphrodisiac-cerebral wine distilled from the Rubaiyat and repackaged for this century by no less than the Persian poet Omar Khayyam

@Diving pools, for water enthusiasts with dare enough to drown, swimmers can expect to feel aroused, enamoured ‘n’ lightheaded all at the same time

@Immersion rod, immerse in water ‘n’ heat it to boiling point in a few seconds

@Wine- highly intoxicating, will keep you in spirits night ‘n’ day ‘n’ won’t even show as alcohol content in your bloodstream. Special boon for Teetotallers ‘n’ drivers!

@Teddy-bear- gives soft hugs ‘n’ cuddles. No need for kids (small or big) to visit a toy shop ever again.

@Heater-warms the surrounding air. On the coldest day be warmed up in a jiffy. Can even double up as hand gloves or mittens, for a more personal touch.

@Ladder-mounted, no mountain or tower is unreachable.

@Drill- can penetrate any surface ‘n’ drill holes in any metal

@Writing Mentor-sure shot recovery from writer’s block. A fountain head spouting inspiration ‘n’ ideas in an ever flowing stream of consciousness

@Battery-Duracell, Never be out of power again, lasts long, really long, keeps on going night ‘n’ day, once turned on.

@ Household upholstery-the softest heart shaped cushion to fall on ‘n’ let go

@A sturdy axis, perfect for gay swinging by kids ‘n’ adults alike

@Cupid’s bows ‘n’ arrows- No one is immune. Leave your girlfriend or boyfriend spellbound. Victory assured in all matters of the heart.

@Burning glass- twin convex lenses can concentrate the sun’s rays, heat up the area and ignite the exposed surface

@knife-the sharpest, can cut anything ‘n’ slice it to the core

Precaution: Best not to use or bring near a monastery or convent. Topless dancing ‘n’ a spontaneous striptease by the residents cannot be ruled out.

*I suggest filing for a patent soon!


“The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake.”- Leonardo Da Vinci

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The Wet Monsoons

The Wet Monsoons


Grey skies saturated with love ‘n’ humid with lust, blaming the season for their indiscretions…

Clouds pregnant with moisture they can no longer bear, praying for relief

“But dears, the answer’s blowing in the wind…”

The hot earth looking heavenwards with need ‘n’ desire

Lamenting, “Without rain, there’s no life…just like without wife, there’s no life…”

Its dry crust stretched to the limits ‘n’ cracked open -mutely saying “Come soon!”

A bolt of lightning from the blue ‘n’ crackling laughter splitting the air,” Your wish is my command!”

Thunder roaring the impending momentous occasion ‘n’ proudly reverberating it through all time ‘n’ space

Dark clouds veiling an illusion of the night, for the lovers to unite

The sun hiding behind ‘em to save embarrassment, temporarily putting off its light

Mother Nature shushing all the birds ‘n’ animals into a pin dropping quiet

‘N’ soon enough, the wind whistles,” Hey! Wait for me.” ‘N’ joins in the fun


The first droplets fall, tasting like manna from the heavens

The final burst of the clouds raining cats ‘n’ dogs and buckets ‘n’ torrents

People in a helter- skelter hurrying home to gawk at the spectacle from behind closed doors

The slippery sludge playing practical jokes on their scurrying feet

“Sorry Sirs n madams, the streets are wet ‘n’ messy as you can all see, kindly pardon the slip ups!”

Fair maidens dancing brazenly on balconies ‘n’ roof tops- albeit in costume

Tangy pakodas sizzling in every kitchen ‘n’ choicest sweetmeats passing rounds, greeting one another “Happy Monsoon!”

Motor cars jamming, honking, their lights a blinking, in celebratory procession in every part of town

Those without a handy umbrella or shelter, damning their wet fate!


Grace descending, water seeping ‘n’ parched earth sighing Ah! At last…

A commingling of heat, sweat ‘n’ wet

Drenching ‘n’ soaking to the very thread ‘n’ bone

Breathing in the fresh aroma of the unique scent Petrichor

A cleansing shower at once washing away dirt ‘n’ grime from every branch ‘n’ twig


Quenching thirst ‘n’ wait seemingly centuries old

A symphony of sounds throughout the night, pitter-patter, piss ‘n’ spit drip ‘n’ drizzle

‘Now, I think you’ve had your fill, after all you are a brimming’

“Oh no, don’t stop! Liquid mercy rain on…”

A penultimate bright lightning flash sealing the electrifying orgasm betwixt ‘em

A still ‘n’ silent night in the dark forests, not a leaf found whispering, not a soul found breathing

Water again discretely washing away the remnants of tears of joy, heralding a new dawn

A rainbow in the sky-a riot of colors, the sun’s final benediction!


The heavy downpour leaving the barren landscape green ‘n’ fertile in its wake

All flora and flora awash, aglow ‘n’ gay

Puddles of water on streets for lil kids to splash about ‘n’ frolic with fun

The rain gods profusely showering their blessings on one ‘n’ all

The trickle down gloriously promising a plentiful harvest for all times

Water gushing forth in every stream, river ‘n’ rivulet to at last merge in the ocean of bliss



Note: Weather phenomenon are used with due artistic freedoms.

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Fact or Fiction Part 1

Fact or Fiction Part 1


Sitting with a sketch artist

‘Tell! Tell!

Who did you meet today?’


“Well, lemme jog my brain cells

I’ll try to recollect…

In no particular order

You’ll need the best tools

Draw if you can!”artistic_painter



-The very fountain of youth ‘n’ vigour

-A wellspring of humour ‘n’ joy

-The owner of the softest of hands ‘n’ an even more tender heart

-His Eyes…deep liquid pools of love ‘n’ desire you can drown in

‘N’ yet gently peering into your very heart ‘n’ soul

-The lips of cupid

-A perfect nose

-Chocolaty sweetness-finger licking good!

-In trappings all nice ‘n’ fine too

-With charming manners

-A real gentleman

-Tall ‘n’ handsome ‘n’ soft ‘n’ cuddly-a study in contrasts!

-Beautiful hair –you wanna run your fingers through

-A smile that starts in his eyes ‘n’ covers his entire face

-A breathing perfumery of musk ‘n’ wine

-A pebble sending warm rippling waves through ‘n’ through

-A voice that at once makes you feel safe to shed your guard ‘n’ inhibitions

Not interrogating yet you find yourself revealing your true authentic self ‘n’ spilling all your deepest dreams ‘n’ follies

-The sharpest of minds, the keenest of intelligence- penetrating to the kernel of truth in every word

…A touch so warm it engulfs your very being

-a beautiful neck you wanna nibble,nuzzle against ,wrap your arms around ‘n’ rest

N there’s more ..

But alas… I don’t have the words for..

‘My ! My!

Did you meet a Greek God?

Was he real?’


Dunno,  that’s why I need to find him again to make sure!


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The Ache

The Ache


There’s a mellow glow

It’s wet and messy already

Hands entwined

She leads the way

Lightning strikes

As we cross the threshold

At the final stance

Now touching gingerly my lip

With the tip of her finger

Does she know not that I need no invitation?

The last vestiges of any barriers slip away

My heart skips a beat

Awed at only a glance of her beauty

I remind myself to look softly

Lest I extinguish her shine

Summon every delicate move

Trace her akin an airbrush

She’s melting in my arms

Burn slow

Pick a gentle dance

Play a trickling tune

Easy does it

Wait, I smell fumes!

Oh.. It’s only your breath

Seeping into my soul

Gripping my being

With an ease feather soft

Let’s take a moment

Before we taste our ache

Before we sink away into quicksand



“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.”- Carl Sandburg

To Slow Gentle Beginnings

To Slow Gentle Beginnings


He’s playing Goofy Garfield, she’s playing Minnie mouse

He’s applying cologne, she’s spraying perfume

He’s wooing, she’s oohing

His hair is standing on end, her soft hair is dangling

He’s inching forward, she’s drawing closer

He’s raising one eyebrow, she’s raising both


He’s the charming geek, she’s the demure damsel

He’s careful diction, she’s artistic flair

He’s cracking her up, she’s splitting him wide open

He stifles his smile, she deepens her dimples

He’s sniffing sighs, she’s snorting laughter


He loosens his collar, she tickles her earrings

He unbuttons his shirt, she takes off her jacket

He’s gulping chilled water ‘n’ rubbing ice cubes all over

She’s fanning herself ‘n’ cranking up the AC

He’s still perspiring, she’s still sweating

His eyes are wide shut, her eyes wide open

His fingers are quietly beating tunes, her hands are freely gesturing signals

He’s clearing his throat, she’s fiddling with her hair

He’s forgetting pronunciation, she’s forgetting punctuations

He’s swallowing spit, she’s licking lipstick

He’s coming up from the earth, she’s coming down from the clouds

He’s flying, she’s hovering

He’s reaching out, she’s reaching in

His shadow’s dancing, her candlelight’s flickering


He’s getting lost, she’s pointing the road map

He’s steadying her gaze, she’s steadying his gaze

He’s tasting, she’s touching

He’s testing, she’s daring


He’s in a frenzy, she’s in eagerness

He’s crossing, she’s intersecting

He’s firing, she’s fuming

He’s releasing, she’s edging




Why’s it so hot in here?

Whatever are they doing?

Are they exercising?

Well perhaps…

But No…,’coz it’s so still ‘n’ silent


Guess? Guess?


They’re only…. reading!!


Ha! Ha! Ha!



To Vivid ‘n’ Vigorous Imaginations

To Vivid ‘n’ Vigorous Imaginations


Blood red stilettos ‘n’ mile long legs

Baby pink gloss ‘n’ black cat eyeliner

French manicures ‘n’ cocktail rings

Crimson silk dresses ‘n’ purple shirts

Black leather gloves ‘n’ blue velvet jackets

Chunky bracelets ‘n’ gold watches

Green ‘n’ fertile pools

Cue sticks ‘n’ balls

Gripping butts ‘n’ angling strikes

Running fingers on shafts ‘n’ blowing on tips

Clasping ‘n’ twisting

Wringing ‘n’ squeezing

Thumb in mouth ‘n’ sucked out of breathe

Open mouths ‘n’ twitching noses

Neck nooses ‘n’ fallen silk ties

Blowing gentle kisses ‘n’ being blown away

Delicately showering red rose petals

Come hither looks ‘n’ a tingling spine

Toppling glasses ‘n’ spilt brick- red wine

Winking ‘n’ blinking


I hear someone’s purring my name…


Honeyed words to the ears!

But wait…

Now, their… shrieking!?


Sir! We need your signature on this file. It’s due today!!


Secretaries ‘n’ bosses

Juniors ‘n’ seniors

Coworkers ‘n’ team leaders

Pens ‘n’ paper

Clipboards ‘n’ notepads

Identity cards ‘n’ documentation

A whiff of a sweet ‘n’ balmy scent


Now what?!

Stop ‘n’ rewind…

…What’s this?

In my breast pocket…

A solitary rose petal…?

Wondering, where am I?

At work, play or …?


Daydreaming ‘n’ a conscious mind

Jiggling head ‘n’ tapping feet

Humming ‘n’ beating time till…