The Moon Maiden

Every man was drawn to the mystery

The astrologers could never predict her life

No recognizable patterns

They racked their brains

Under which constellation is she born?




Till they realized she was the Moon

And they were all under her spell




For his bright future

His parents named him Deepak


The light of their lives

Went out…

The moment they learned none would enter his

Baby born blind


Deepak (दीपक) is a Hindi word meaning lamp from Sanskrit source of light.


I was once raw-iron ore

Buried deep in mother’s womb

Mined ‘n’ thrust in a blast furnace

I melted ‘n’ burned

Lost all my impurities

Time cannot rust me now

None can steal my thunder

Hard, strong ‘n’ grey

I have nerves of steel

Brace yourself

Don’t mess with me.