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A Memorable Milestone

Dear Word press community,

A fellow blogger , Dear Kairos, was inspired to translate one of my poems, ‘A Tryst’ into Spanish. You can read the translation here:


It is a beautiful translation. He has also added a lovely and very appropriate image to the piece.

I thank him deeply for this wonderful milestone on my creative journey.My poem is humbled and honoured to be featured on his blog :


It is a beautiful blog with lovely images and lots of categories to explore:Essays,Verse and Poetry Prose,Ingenuity, Music,Stories, Thinking and Visuals.Do have a visit .

I thank him  again for helping my words reach a wider audience.

Feliz Blogging! Escritura Feliz! Sigue leyendo para manteverte inspirado.

Peace love goodwill and gratitude always


Enough is Enough


A WhatsApp message :

“Tonight’s menu: Pasta in red sauce, Garlic bread, Chocolate lava cake and …me.”

“Tasty!!! Can hardly wait Sexy…”

Sigh…Naughty intentions

Can’t get them off my mind

I want you so much

Can’t finish work fast enough

Can’t get home fast enough

Can’t shut the door fast enough

Can’t get the music on fast enough

Can’t switch off the lights fast enough

Can’t get you to bed fast enough

Can’t get you undressed fast enough

Can’t get my freak on fast enough

Can’t get you close enough

Can’t taste you fast enough

Can’t kiss you enough

“Wait…The neighbours might be watching!”

Can’t shut the blinds fast enough!

Lust rough ‘n’ love smooth

Moving ‘n’ grooving

Colliding ‘n’ pouncing

Unbuttoning ‘n’ stripping

Bumping ‘n’ bouncing

Tossing ‘n’ turning

Who cares ? who’s on top

Can’t get a word in fast enough!

“Missed you so much!”

“There’s you, there’s me, and then, there’s the craving in between.”

So …Enough?

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A Letter

Dear one,

I see you

Grey eyes ‘n’ solemn soul

Glistening tears

Tender hands cuffing mouth

Stifling the sobs within

A modest ‘n’ polished appearance without

I keep quiet

But your sobriety doesn’t fool me

Here’s my final parting message

You don’t need eyes to read ‘em

They’re a braille

To be felt by the soul

Awake, arise ’n’ dream no more!

Your neighbour maybe a sleepin’

His eyes closed to the truth

But it’s your time

Before taking off

From this world

Before the lights go a blinkin’

Before going one to none

Search within

Search without

Open up

Deeply reflect

Risk your heart while you’re still alive

Don’t fight it

Don’t make this mistake

Never look back

‘N’ in the hardest of times

Never fold in

Share your burdens

Trust me always

Lean on me always

Last thing

Just breathe


Meet me on the other side

Yours truly,

Your closest Secret


(Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels)


“There are two kinds of secrets. The ones we keep from others and the ones we keep from ourselves.”
― Frank Warren


(It’s a secret…)

)Now in the open(

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On the razor’s edge

Up against tough

It gets rough

Strain ‘n’ pressure

Knock-down blows

Repeated kicks

Creasing forehead

Clenched teeth

Battered ‘n’ bruised

Body, mind, heart ‘n’ soul

A lamb in a precarious situation

Slipping grip

Skidding feet

Blood curdling screams

Hanging by the thread

Between life ‘n’ death

Left by the world

To the mercy of the heavens above

Just when all seems lost

I hear hope call

Hang on!

Come on!

Rally on!

You’re a fighter

Give a fighting fight till the very finish

You can’t give up!

Out of breath

By now

Used up every ounce of strength

A sinking feeling

All resolve dissolves

Realization dawns

It must be the end…

Last cry for help

“Oh God!”

A hand pulls me from the abyss

Saved by a whisker

In the nick of time

“Good Shepherd

Why did you wait till the last second?”

“‘N’ why did you?

I was waiting too

With bated breath

For you, to finally call on me.”


Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

“No matter what storm you face, you need to know that God loves you. He has not abandoned you.”- Franklin Graham

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A Tryst


Grey t-shirts ‘n’ black pajamas

Soft pillows ‘n’ bed disheveled hair

Sleepy eyes ‘n’ sunlight streaming in

Gleeful face

Happy to wake up next to you

Glowing in your morning glory

In our favorite position

Snuggled in duvets

If wishes were horses

Would lie in all day

Lying face to face

Side by side

Ear to ear

Eye to eye





Biting lips




An intimate tete-a-tete

Our private rendezvous

“So, time for a quickie?

Or else join me in the shower”

Tring! Tring!

‘Sorry…boss calling

Make do with a flying kissy.’


On a video call

With a phone in between

Holding back cases

Touching each other

Via touchscreen


Dear readers and followers,thanks for all your virtual love and appreciation.Flying kisses to you all…

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Feeling Blue


I sit alone by life’s well

In the shadows

Amidst the ruins

Conducting a post -mortem

Hands clasped tight

In perhaps a futile last attempt

To hold the shattered pieces of my dream together

Eyes dazed at the dramatic turn of events

All plans gone astray

The bitter taste of defeat

A mock tail of disappointment, disgust ‘n’ guilt

Living seems to be a punishment

Why did I not see the flashing red lights warning me?

So many questions ‘n’ no comforting answers

My fingers fiddle with a warm cuppa

It’s warming my hands; not my heart

Even mental sentences screech to a halt in their tracks

All words fall short to acknowledge how I feel

Choked with emotion

Tears start welling up

“I know how you feel

I feel your pain”

You come ‘n’ sit beside me

Placing your hand on my knee

“Hold my hand”

Just in time

To keep the tears from flowing

For now…

I hold on tight…


Sometimes when I say “I’M OKAY”, I want someone to look me in the eye,hug me tight, and say, “I KNOW YOU’RE NOT.”

So reach out, hold someone’s hand,share a hug,give someone your shoulder to cry on…

Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated.Love to hear your precious thoughts and comments.