Show Don’t Tell

friendship_hands_friendsShow don’t tell. Deanna and Beverly are best friends. Deanna is an ordinary 15 year old who is sure of herself and very independent. Beverly on the other hand is a 14 year old who has a very low self- esteem. She has a boyfriend who is nineteen and knows he could get away with anything because Beverly lets him do whatever he wants to do.

“Hey girl, What’s up?!”Deanna breaks me out of my revelry with a slap on the back as I shut my locker.

“Hey, you scared me! How many times have I warned you about not sneaking up on me.”

“Anyways, you missed the first class. Mr Richard said it was an important topic for the first term.”

“Meh, Mr Richard’s a bore, I can’t stand his class. Besides you forget, I am head of the poetry club, I could teach him a thing or two about creative writing!”

“Oh, you better hope you get a good grade.”

“Yeah, yeah…Now, come on! Give me the juice on your date with Joe last night.”

 “Well, I wore that black dress. You know, the one that makes my waist look slimmer.”

“And it was going well till Claudia walked in. He could not take his eyes off her or his mind off her for that matter. Soon enough he said he was not feeling well. So I told him he could leave early.”

 “Of course you did. And well, what did you expect? They are of the same age, in the same college. I told you he’s not over her, you are just a convenient rebound. And you are way out of your league. Quit before he breaks your heart.”

“But he said I am pretty and intelligent and more mature than all the girls he’s met.”

“I am sure he did.”