The Wet Monsoons

A Reblog…Tribute to the Monsoons…


The Wet Monsoons

Grey skies saturated with love ‘n’ humid with lust, blaming the season for their indiscretions…

Clouds pregnant with moisture they can no longer bear, praying for relief

“But dears, the answer’s blowing in the wind…”

The hot earth looking heavenwards with need ‘n’ desire

Lamenting, “Without rain, there’s no life…just like without wife, there’s no life…”

Its dry crust stretched to the limits ‘n’ cracked open -mutely saying “Come soon!”

A bolt of lightning from the blue ‘n’ crackling laughter splitting the air,” Your wish is my command!”

Thunder roaring the impending momentous occasion ‘n’ proudly reverberating it through all time ‘n’ space

Dark clouds veiling an illusion of the night, for the lovers to unite

The sun hiding behind ‘em to save embarrassment, temporarily putting off its light

Mother Nature shushing all the birds ‘n’ animals into a pin dropping quiet

‘N’ soon enough, the wind…

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A Proposal

A Proposal

“It’s  been a long day

Are ya in the mood for

A lil’ music

A slow striptease

‘N’ a steaming hot shower

The taste of wet skin

The whiff of shampooed hair

Embarrassing bathroom singing

Laughing ‘n’ squealing

Bodies dancing

Shadows merging

Fizzing ‘n’ sizzling

Electrifying ‘n’ melting


So? I’m waiting…”



How can I resist?

How can I not give in?

‘Coz I’ve got you under my skin…’pair-2498704_1920

Can I get a finger snap?

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To Poolside celebrations


To Poolside celebrations



Bar stools ‘n’ lounging chaises

Blue skies ‘n’ printed sarongs

Cool breezes ‘n’ hot fissures

Cocktails ‘n’ mock tails

Scotch on the rocks ‘n’ pineapple juice

Cold glass ‘n’ scalding fingers

Sipping slowly ‘n’ choking hazards

Goofy charm ‘n’ criminal beauty

Disguised constraint under layers ‘n comfortable in her own skin

Sun tanned ‘n liquid gold

Drowning on dry land ‘n’ water surfacing phoenix

Gaping kissers ‘n’ pursed lips

Doe eyes ‘n’ honing discs

Sunglasses ‘n’ translucent skin

Dry mouths ‘n’ wet hair cascading

Clear waters ‘n’ nude swimsuits

Revealing little ‘n’ imagination running

Dripping ‘n’ drooling

Lazy moments ‘n’ frozen time

Snoopy dogs ‘n’ in heat bitches

Up front entrances ‘n’ back exits

Poking ‘n’ pinching

A whiff of intoxication ‘n’ morning after of sobriety

So what will it be Sir?


Business or pleasure?

Ah, Maybe a lil of both…


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Poetry Is… A Revelation

Happy World Poetry Day !
Dear Friends, thank you for all the likes, comments and re blogs .Your feedback is highly appreciated. I enjoy reading all your creative works, am astounded by the talent here, often left speechless and wordless. Thank you for sharing your life stories, hard earned wisdom, much needed laughter, joy, beauty and love. and for the inspiration. Sometimes your words say ‘ I understand’, sometimes they’re a pat on the back, sometimes a soothing balm for the soul, sometimes they rekindle lost memories, sometimes they offer a completely new way to think and feel..
Am happy to Reblog and share this wonderful post by, a blog I follow.
Dear poets, bloggers, photographers and all creative artists…it makes for a delightful read. Do go through. What is poetry to you…??
Dear Brenda Davis Harsham thanks again for the friendly mention of this fledgling writer. Deeply humbled and honoured.
Dear Poets and Bloggers…Keep creating, keep on writing and keep on sharing!
Peace, love, goodwill and gratitude

Friendly Fairy Tales


Words, like new snow, soften soil and make poetry of winter. Poetry is… so many things… collected here in this wonderful community poem thanks to many talented friends. I plan to “find” a new poem within this poem and post it for Valentine’s Day. You’re invited to write your own poem from these lines and leave a link on February 14.

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A Date


A Date

At the end of a long day

Make a plan

Come home

To a date

When the city retires for the night

Light some aromatic candles

Pour yourself a drink

Run a hot bath

Disrobe your worldly roles

Slip into foamy bubbly goodness

Sink in

Settle in

Listen in to the quiet

Broken only by the sound of running water

Open the page of the book

And dream away……


“A half- read book is a half finished love affair.”-David Mitchell. Honest feedback and suggestions highly appreciated. Like, comment and share.

You may like to click on the link below to see and hear the digital video poetry version of this poem.

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Morning Wish


Morning Wish

May you wake up to :

-The smell of fresh coffee brewing; Smell a little deeper

-The first rays of the sun kissing your face; Bask a little longer

-A rose by your bedside; Breathe in the beauty a little longer

-Your loved ones sleeping peacefully; Watch a little longer

-A sleepy adorable voice; Listen a little longer

-Eyes smiling glad to see you; Smile back a little wider

-A hug before you leave; Hug a little tighter

May you take a little longer to see the things you see every day,

Take a moment; It may be the best in your day,

My wish for you is that you be a second late.

“Sometimes it’s the little things that count most.”-Alexandra Adornetto

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Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers


I make a wish list

Never knowing that it would come to life in a split second

The universe listening closely

Agrees to turn it into reality

My ideals come closer

One by one

Yet taken by surprise at this sudden turn of events


Never knew it could feel so good so soon

How do you want it to play?

A deep breath

What have I wished for?

What path brought me to this present moment?

Never dreamt far enough to know how it ends

Left speechless, thoughtless

Time’s up!

A blunt break-

Have I just been taken for a fool?

Yes! No, maybe

Left In a daze

In the heat of the moment

Wondering was I not ready

For my prayers to be answered.


If God answers your prayer,He is increasing your faith.If He delays, He is increasing your patience.If He doesn’t answer your prayer,He is preparing the best for you…

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