Writing About Place

Write a descriptive paragraph, describing a place which has made an impact on you.

A Scenic Footprint

It is a short walk from the YSS Dwarahat Ashram nestled in the wooded hills. A point very popular with the locals and devotees alike. A streak of luck to be all alone surrounded by the picturesque green mountains on all sides.

A single tall tree juts out at the edge of the mountain. Big black boulders provide the perfect vantage point to sit on. It feels like you have entered a painting, only it is breathing and alive. You are on the edge but it is so beautiful that even the dangerous drop below does not scare you. The panoramic beauty of pine forests surrounds you. The sweet and spicy smell of woody pine fills the air, at once it freshens, relaxes and invigorates the tired soul. One can sit for hours and still not be able to soak in the beauty of the place. White vapour floats in the blue sky above, a cool breeze caresses and the sun warms just enough. Big trucks wind down the alpine roads turning into tiny toy cars in the distance. The silence is broken only by birds calling and an occasional pine cone falling.

Here you believe that man can exist on air and sunshine alone. Mother Nature is at her best. One understands why artists are inspired by nature and also why art can even at its best only imitate nature.


(Image for representative purpose only, not of actual place)