Just a human being


One pensive evening

I find myself lost in deep thought

Searching for the truth

Nothing can comfort me

Neither food nor routine


“Dear one,

Not to worry

Be it good or bad

Be it insult or flattery

We share the burden

Of  every fault and blame

Coz we’re partners in crime

Like a fork and a knife

Like a body and a shadow

Like a whisper and an echo

Like the bone and its marrow

Stay vulnerable

You’re just a human being

Open your heart

Lay bare your secrets

Look me in the eye

Lemme read your soul

I’m your confidante

I will forever stay


Don’t be so hard on yourself

I promise

Everything will be just fine

Sparkle and shine

And we’ll paint the world a burgundy wine.”


Photo by TRΛVELER . on Unsplash



Don’t mind the bumps

Don’t fret the small stuff


Grin it and bear it

Don’t ye fuss over the outer shell

No strikes can damage

The priceless precious pearl inside

You are your own oyster


Dive deep


With your own hands

Pry open and seize

Your divine birthright


There are treasures in pain…An oyster that is not injured, will never produce pearls because the pearl is a healed wound.