An Ode to the Sari

An Ode to the Sari


-to six yards of grace n elegance

-to accommodating every size ‘n’ shape

-to the versatility of the unstitched wonder

-to its cinching all women into hour glass figures

-to sculpturing sexy silhouettes

-‘n’ to preserving modesty ‘n’ decorum with safety pins

-to showing little ‘n’ leaving more to the imagination

-to the concealing mystique in layering

-to the thrill of solving mystery

-to the childish delight in unwrapping presents

-‘n’ to peeling layer by layer, the human psyche, to its bare core

– also to taking its own sweet time in tying  ‘n’  yet easily being flung apart in a second’s notice if need be

-to free fabric meandering over every curve ‘n’ undulation of the Wonderland

-to its scintillating single sheath on the upper torso

-to the fluttering pallu flirting with the wind

-to the teasing navel ‘n’ midriff

-to the airy breeze inside the tent

-to the ruffling murmurs of its pleats kicking

-to the peek a boo of the ankles

-to its quiet fall on Mother Earth

-to the glistening beads of passion on the neck line collecting in the twin valley

-to freely wafting aromas of sweat from the armpits

-to perspiration trickling down the legs in hot climates

-to a heaving outlet for rhythmic emotions of the heart

-to camouflaging peaks of arousal

-to hiding swellings even when bursting at the seams


-to the masculine rectangle elongating its length to match the increasing diameter of the concentric feminine circles

-to the sharp incline of the classic pallu from right to left, the first precursor of mortal man’s imminent rise or fall

-to its pleats tucked tight at the cord whence all life originates ‘n’ radiates

-to all its intricate workings ‘n’ being held together only by a string

– ‘n’ to the knot of its petticoat completely unravelling both Adam n Eve

-and to nevertheless also allowing easy access when time is hard pressed

-to its discretely shading ‘n’ fanning the beloved’s face

-to reverently covering the Goddess in a place of worship

-to its soft cushion ‘n’ playful folds engaging a naughty child


-to the cheeky derriere giving flying kisses even when she leaves


To the sari as captivating in my mind as Giovanni Maria Benzoni’s

Veiled Rebecca


Due apologies to you, Respected sir…

Indeed, I am convulsing in rapture at thy diverse charms!

Cloud Q11_20170716_182141

I love wearing saris, but feel free to let me know if I missed anything.I hope it does some justice to the beauty of the sari.Dear readers, your honest feedback and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

28 thoughts on “An Ode to the Sari

  1. you are just looking hot , graceful and superb in this green saree. You have not missed anything. These sarees infact deserve graceful woman like you.You do full justice with them.
    Love you Geet!

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  2. Miss Geet, I shared this poem without your permission. I am really sorry. I hope you don’t have a problem. But if you do please let me know. I will delete that post. But one humble submission is that your poem is lovely and need to be shared more and more. I have read it long ago but couldn’t stop thinking or blabbering with my friends. So finally shared it.

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  3. Dear Sir, I thank you for the share, for helping my words reach a wider audience…Thank you for your kind words. I am humbled and encouraged. Peace love goodwill gratitude always…


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